Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Talk Coupon Stacking

The coupon stacking strategy is the bread-and-butter of habitual couponers. The basic idea of stacking is that you maximize the savings of a coupon or promotional code.

Rather than using a barcode coupon at a bricks-and-mortar retailer outright on a full-priced item, a savvy couponer waits until the item goes on sale or on another promotion, and uses the coupon then to maximize savings. Remember in February when I scored $38 of free Yoplait, Activia, and Dannon yoghurt over two trips when Shopper's did another coupon doubling/tripling weekend? That was an example of stacking - the $1 off yoghurt coupons, plus the coupon doubling due to the Shopper's offer, plus the yoghurts having sale prices that week of 2/$4! By harnessing this triple play, I maximized my savings. We also have a diagram showing you how to stack multiple coupons at CVS - the prime CVS money-saving strategy. Learn how to stack while rolling your ExtraCare Bucks, and even when strategizing to 'profit' ExtraCare Bucks!

A truly exciting thing is when you are able to stack coupons when shopping online. You may see us occasionally post examples of this - like when we write about Shoebuy deal scenarios with combining ebates cash back and discount codes. Stores which allow coupon stacking will allow you to stack multiple existing non-expired coupon codes to apply discount after discount after discount. When you use such codes on already-on-sale-or-clearance items (like winter coats being cleared in the springtime), you can score maximum discounts - and often free shipping of some type for one of the codes! Some stores allow you to stack coupons of different types ($/$$, $ off any purchase, [something] free with purchase, etc.), but not of the same type.

Here are online stores that (last we heard) allow coupon stacking. The links are to the pages for those stores, so you can start there with a series of potentially stackable coupons. Add your own online stacking discoveries in the comments (- and we'll add it to this main list!), or let us know if you've had trouble stacking with any in the list here below: (and in the past we've seen Shutterfly 'store up' credits for coupons you've entered onto your Shutterfly account, even if you don't apply them right away, until the coupon expiration date...don't forget to ebates your Shutterfly purchase for 10% cash back!) (don't forget to ebates your Shoebuy purchase for even more cash back!) (allows three codes per transaction; in their comments, coupon code submitters often tell you how best to combine the the codes to maximize savings! - don't forget to ebates your Victoria's Secret purchase for even more cash back!) Pssssst...Did you know that Victoria's Secret now carries nursing bras? No way...way! No way...way!

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Ebates and Swagbucks are both easy ways to earn rewards while doing what you normally do - web-searching through Google and shopping for bargains online!


maviflower said...

I purchased two of the Victoria's Secret Piped nursing full-coverage bras around June last year. While they did fit wonderfully, the piping around the edge was very itchy. I had hoped that would go away after a couple of washings, however, after just one wash - following the washing instructions - the piping started separating from the rest of the bra. On both bras. Victoria's Secret was very good about returning both bras. Ultimately, I ended up getting Medela nursing bras from Buy Buy Baby using Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Thanks for the product review on this! We (and another reader who emailed yesterday) were curious about them. Wonder how the other bra without piping does...anybody else have reviews to post in a comment?

We have heard great things about Medela bras, too, so whenever nursing mothers can snag one (especially with coupon code! rah rah!), so much the better. :)