Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinks and Produce Galore - some notes from today's Giant run

The cherry blossoms are peeking out!
I feel the winter blues melting away already.

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Today I hit up Giant. There are so many produce items that were marked as 'specials' that I didn't recall seeing in the ad for this week. Maybe some are only local deals (?), but I will list them in any case:

$0.99 for heads of iceberg lettuce
$0.99 for a bag of washed spinach (normally $1.60)
$1.79/lb for chicken breasts - last week's ad price - so, is this a new quarterly price (oh yes, please!)?

(Talk about cheap salads! Once I cook the chicken and assemble these babies with a few spritzes from the $0.75 salad dressings bought during Shopper's deals last month...that's gotta be less than $1.50 per salad even if you're using a whole chicken breast! Compare with $4-5 in fast food joints and $7+ at sit-down restaurants.)


Three types of pears were $0.99/lb. (not only the one type listed in the ad). Grapefruits are $0.75/each. Kiwis are 3/$1.

As mentioned before, strawberries are just $1.66/lb. The two-pound containers at my Giant were $3.29, just $0.03 cheaper than buying two one-pounders. But: 2-lb.'ers had 'StepSaver $1 off' coupons. Unfortunately, the strawberries looked in worse shape than the ones in the 1 lb. containers. Why bother fiddling with $1 savings if half the container looks headed south anyway? However, you may find better-looking 2-lb.'ers in other Giants, so just keep your eyes peeled, 'cause $2.29 for 2 lbs. of strawberries (especially in March!) is unbelievable.

I was in produce heaven - especially after so many months of winter staples cooking. Next week's $1.77/lb. asparagus will only add fuel to the fire. :)

Besides produce, I stocked up on free and near-free drinks from doubled drink coupons that I recently acquired. I bought 4 Coke Zeros, 6 V8 Fusions, and 11 Sobe Lifewaters, along with 4 XL Reese's cups, for $6.02, about $0.24/item if you average. I normally prefer Coke Zero, Diet Barq's, and other diet drinks, but my husband loves trying out these (as I call them:) "novelty drinks". If the packaging is candy-colored and the words fusion, blast, rush, gusher, breeze, etc. appear, then he is on board. Note that Giant's checkout does not permit overage. :-\


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