Sunday, March 15, 2009

More on Giant (aka Stop and Shop) this week, 03/13-03/19

We already posted 5 of the loss-leaders this week for Giant, but Frugal in Virginia's ad has 5 Giant coupons that pair with manufacturer coupons to triple. I don't see any such coupons in my ad (or my local online circular), so this might be a store-by-store thing - apparently my local store isn't participating...bummer!

Check your online Giant circular - hopefully you're one of the lucky ones!

There is Tribe Hummus on sale, 5/$10 (wow!) - and this $0.75 printable will double, making it just $0.50 each! (double wow!)

Also, I just spotted this deal:

Buy 1 gallon of milk and 1 package of Oreos or Oreo Cakesters, and receive one dollar off at checkout!

Lately, there have been a TON of tearpad coupons at CVS by the milk fridge saying something like, "Buy one milk, buy one Nabisco cookies, get $1 off".

So, if you are an Oreo fan, your savings could go like this:

Gallon milk, ~$3.49
Oreos (or Cakesters), 2/$6 this week
Subtotal $6.49
Save $1 instantly for Giant ad deal
Save $1 with your coupon.

Final price: $4.49 for a gallon of milk and a package of Oreos. Less if that coupon would triple with the Giant coupons that Frugal in Virginia mentioned!
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Chris said...

Last week I got Oreos at Giant for $1.27 - I used the Safeway coupon that was in their ad.

My Giant is doing the Triples again - I've been stocking up on Rold Gold pretzels for .85/.bag ($2.50 - tripled .55 coupon)

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

That is a good Oreo price - and even better knowing that Giant is following through on accepting Safeway coupons! Thanks for letting us know about that.

If you normally buy gallons of milk for your household anyway, you could chalk the deal we listed for this week up as $1 invested for a package of Oreos.

What are the triples restrictions for this week? Up to $0.99? Or do they triple up to $1? What is the minimum purchase required?

Lynn Lascola said...

no minimum purchase required. :)
coupons up to $.99 tripled.
5 tripled coupons/transaction.
They've been doing this deal monthly so far this year at my store...

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Oh, that our nearby Giant would soon convert and follow in the footsteps of Chris's and Lynn's Giant locations! ;o)