Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's Never Really a Vacation from Couponing

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was recently a few states away from home for a week. In an attempt to give my brain a vacation from couponing (among everything else), I wrote a few posts in advance, and (gasp) left my coupon file-folders at home. But th'ol' brain doesn't shut off so easy. Guess what I was doing at gas stations across the country? That's right; snagging coupons for my collection!

Gas station drink refrigerators are superb sources of coupons, now more than ever. Without fail, every time I've remembered to look, there have been manufacturers' drink coupons on one or more fridge doors for 20 oz.'ers or single drinks. Here's a sampling from among the harvest:
  • $0.50 off one Sobe Lifewater
  • $0.50 off one V8 Frusion
  • Buy one Reese's candy bar, get $1.00 off of a 20 oz. Coke
Why so excited? These tearpad coupons are ideal for coupon doubling and tripling at Shopper's or Bloom. Think about it: $0.50 tripled is $1.50 - so the drinks are likely free, or near-free! A Reese's candy bar is $0.79 at Shopper's, and Cokes are $1.50. Sounds like a candy bar and a Coke for $0.29 when that $1.00 coupon doubles during doubling days. Check out your local gas stations' drink fridges the next time you're filling up!

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