Monday, March 2, 2009

RedBox Rentals - FREE with coupon codes

Frugal Coupon Mom recenlty posted some free coupon rental codes for Red Box kiosks. If you haven't seen these, they are pretty much like neat little DVD vending machines, which rent DVDs for $1/night (which is pretty cheap anyway).

I haven't tried the rentals yet, but am tempted now, that's for sure! I've seen one in my Giant.

Find your local Redbox kiosks.
Search the Redbox Movie Titles.

Here's one that FCM just posted good for only tonight (03/02/09):

"SHPNSVE2 or REDBOX is good for first-time Redbox customers. (That means use a credit card that you have not used before.)
BREAKROOM or DVDONME are also still running." -- FrugalCouponMom.Blogspot.Com

These are for free 24-hr. rentals. Let us know how it goes! Thanks, Frugal Coupon Mom!

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