Monday, March 16, 2009

Coupons on Upromise - load yours now for clip-free college savings!

If you have accounts, you can load eCoupons onto your upromise account by tying it to any number of other loyalty cards - CVS cards, grocery store cards, and so on. The coupons are repopulated/refreshed on a monthly basis, so remember to check out upromise toward the beginning of the month to ensure that your account is loaded all month long while you shop!

The kicker is that you don't save instantly at checkout; the savings are stored in the upromise account. But really, once you sign into the website, it takes just moments to tell the site to load all of the month's coupons onto your account - so if you happen to buy anything listed, it gets added to your upromise account, and something is better than nothing, right? Add to this the fact that most of the eCoupon products are hot on the promotional rotation - so they're items with coupons and sales, and thus as a couponer you are already likely to check them out.

If you take 2 minutes to log in at the start of every month and load all of those coupons, you could net you a few bucks (up to around $30/month, depending on what you buy) without you giving it much thought at all. Think about it: You would kick yourself if some of the free-after-ExtraCare-Bucks items that you picked up at CVS would also have given you a buck or two more (profit!) in your upromise account.

The bulk of the leg work is the one time effort of entering your drugstore and grocery store loyalty card numbers so that your purchases automatically track and link with upromise. If only all coupon clipping were this painless!
Coupons on Upromise - load yours now for clip-free college savings!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
Ebates and Swagbucks are both easy ways to earn rewards while doing what you normally do - web-searching through Google and shopping for bargains online!

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