Monday, March 16, 2009

Over-the-Moon milk...wowza!

I know that I just did a post on cheap milk and other staples at Sam's Club (and reader Matt helpfully pointed out Wegman's low milk prices in his comment to the post - thanks, Matt!).

Before I knew that we would make it to Sam's Club, though, I had picked up some of the half-gallon 1% Over-the-Moon milk that I had bought for $1.49 after doubled $1 coupons at Shopper's Food Warehouse. This was still cheaper than regular milk prices at most grocery stores (~$2/half gallon or ~$3.50+/gallon), so it made sense at the time. Not usually the type to believe the hype of product packaging ("You won't believe how creamy it is!", etc.), I was just reflexively going with numbers on this one.

My husband had tried the Over-the-Moon first yesterday, and was instantly smitten - so I drank some with my breakfast toast this morning, inspired by his endorsement. It tastes like I'm drinking whole milk! There's a skim Over-the-Moon version...I wonder - does it taste more like 2%? lol

Anyway - if you loooooove creamy milk tastes, whole milk runs you a little under $2.50/gallon at Sam's and Wegman's, but as couponed, this Over-the-Moon costs $2.98/gallon for 1% calories and whole milk taste. For some of you, that little bit of extra coin may be worth the indulgence sans guilt. (At Over-the-Moon's standard price, though - $3.49/half-gallon, it's pretty cost prohibitive otherwise.)

Here's a PDF printable coupon for $1 off Over-the-Moon milk that doesn't expire until the end of the year!
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The Alchemist said...

The chocolate milk is good too, nice and thick.