Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100 Free Business Cards (Ship Free, Too!) At MarketSplash.Com

Yesterday, I (A.) got in line behind a guy at the RedBox in my Giant. Though I'm normally not the chat-up-strangers type, I knew that he would like a free rental (who wouldn't?), so I summoned the gumption to tell him about the Monday Free Redbox Rental Code. Of course, he was excited (funny how a free $1 value rental does that...), and I wrote down the web address of our blog on an expired coupon from my pocket (classy!) to hand to him, and immediately thought note to self: find free or cheap business cards online...

When I relayed this story to Mel tonight, she laughed and told me that she had just scooped up these:
MarketSplash - Search Business Cards

100 business cards, shipped to your home free! And there was much rejoicing...

Note: at checkout, I made sure that all discounts were deducted before proceeding (meaning total = $0). We advise the same for you! Although you submit your credit card info, nothing is charged. The Hewlett-Packard-powered templates were pretty user-friendly, too.

In case you all aren't familiar with the free business card dance, it's pretty much the same as my college roommate's general victory dance: point both index fingers in the air, arms bent, and shimmy your fingers wildly! Wheeeeee!
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