Monday, March 9, 2009

A Note on Upcoming NOVA Consignment Sales

March is hot consignment sale season. How better to save for other financial goals than by scooping clothing and toy deals for the rest of the summer?

Since we have gotten a lot of email tips about upcoming sales, we have added a list in the right-hand column of upcoming NOVA consignment sales. For instance, you can see there are two that we know about this coming Saturday 03/14!

The more feedback we get from you guys after you visit a sale, the more we will be able to refine our commentary on these sales in the future - offering you a summary of reader insights as to which sales have the best offerings. Let us know in the comments section of our post for a particular sale:
  • Were the items for sale high-quality?

  • Were prices competitive for the second-hand market?
  • Was shopping with kids and babies easy to do - or a major hassle (in other words, is arranging for a sitter potentially worthwhile?)?
  • Was it an all-in-one checkout?
  • Are there barcodes involved? (Easier/faster checkouts)
  • Cash only? Or were credit cards and/or checks accepted?
Any details that you offer up help our readers in the future - and also help us to better strategize and prepare for these valuable money-saving opportunities!

THANK YOU to all who have posted or emailed recently with consignment sale commentary!

Look here to see the page of all of the latest Redemption Unlimited posts on local consignment sales. Also, see the blog's right-hand sidebar where we list upcoming consignment sales!
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