Monday, March 9, 2009

Montgomery County Parents of Multiples Consignment Sale

The Montgomery County Parents of Multiples are hosting one of their massive semi-annual consignment sales on March 21. Our email tipster also sent us a link to last year's MCPOM sale pictures from last year's MCPOM sale so that our readers could check out the magnitude of this sale. Thanks, Celinda! :)

For lots of details on this sale, visit the MCPOM sale info page. Please note that there is an admission price!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sale open for volunteers - 7 am - 8:30 am
Sale open for members of MCPOM and other POMs (w/proof of membership) - 8:30 am

Public shopping - 9 am - 11 am

Closed - 11:00 - 11:30 am

Public shopping - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm - select items 1/2 price

Julius West Middle School
651 Great Falls Road, Rockville, MD (map)

Admission: Non-members $2.00 per adult
We accept cash or personal checks only - no credit cards. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Look here to see the page of all of the latest Redemption Unlimited posts on local consignment sales. Also, see the blog's right-hand sidebar where we list upcoming consignment sales!
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Ashley said...

I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what the prices were like at this sale. I know there is probably a wide variety but does anyone have a range?

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

We don't have any idea. Maybe intrepid readers who have attended the MCPOM sales before can inform us. :) Anybody?

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

We just saw some tips on another blog with respect to this sale (though they could apply to most consignment sales! lol)
"1. Wear comfy shoes
2. Leave the bulky coats at home (it gets hot!!!) I actually was hot in my sweater... this year I will wear a t-shirt!
3. Leave the children/twins at home, it is small and jammed packed. In the short hour I was there last fall, a Mom lost her child - you never want to be that Mom! Get a sitter for this one!"

Celly said...

Hey Ashley and RU girls, the prices range from 50 cents - $200 plus. The higher priced items are cribs, duo gliders, designer double and triplet strollers etc. Last fall, I found so many steals... I got a leap frog table (retails for $30) for $3. I also got very nice and gently used clothing, each article for under $2-3 dollars. (Brands like Le Top, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc. )Prices are very reasonable and you will find things from books, DVD's to actual toys (swings, exersaucers, etc). It is clean, well ran and staffed. You should def check it out, you will not be disappointed. Can you tell I am excited about it!? LOL

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

We just received this comment from an email tipster. Thanks, Celinda!

Below are the ballparks we have seen at the past sale. Designer items may go for more.

Shirts $1-3
Shoes/Boots $1-7
Pajamas/Sleepers $1-3
Pants $1-6
Playsuits/overalls $3-5
Dresses $3-10
Swim Suits $5-20
Beach/Swim Toys $5-15
Bouncy Seats $10
Swings $15
Exersaucers $10-50
Walkers $7
Videos: $2-5
Wooden puzzles $1-5
Books $1-5
Maternity clothing $2-15
Gates $10-50
Breast Pumps $75+
Boppies $5-15
Gliders $75
Changing Table $25-60
Pack 'n Plays - $10-60
Booster seats $2-15
High Chairs $5-50
Cribs $80-150