Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psssst...Harris Teeter Triples, 03/25 to 03/31

And here I was just thinking how odd it was to have a weekend with no coupon doubling/tripling after such a chaotic stretch of coupon double and triple offers, each with limits and parameters as unique as a snowflake.

Psych! Harris Teeter is tripling this week!
Since we don't have Harris Teeters that close to us, we don't get to experience with regularity the wonderfulness of its monthly (or so) triple coupon extravaganzas.

But good news! Laura at Blessings in Bargains has got y'alls' back on Harris Teeter. Check out her post and the requisite link to Hot Coupon World matchups for more information on how to snag some great deals at Harris Teeter. Thanks, Laura!

Also, Dana of Frugal in Virginia posted some Harris Teeter triple coupon matchups yesterday. Fantabulous. Thanks, FIV!

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