Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Report from Bloom

I did a trip to Bloom this morning. I bought some produce, and 20 triple-couponed items. Taking the produce out of the equation, I spent $22.05 on $57.15 worth of groceries - a savings of 61%.

Watch out for that $0.75/2 Ortega products coupon! I had picked up 2 packets of Ortega fajita seasoning ($0.91 each...overage predicted), but the computer rejected it. The cashier was very nice and called the manager over to resolve it on the computer - but I think this depends on who you have. I'm pretty sure that the overage carried over, too.

Here are some items that we didn't list before. The really great deals are bolded!
  • Veg-All Steam Supreme frozen veggies (several varieties), $1.79. Use the $0.55/1 from the 03/01 Red Plum insert to get these for just $0.14!
  • Gorton's 2-filet fish packages (pick from salmon, tilapia, etc.), 2/$7. After $0.40 coupon, $2.10 each. $1.05/filet isn't bad for preseasoned salmon filets!
  • Pepperidge farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread, $3.69, use $0.40/1 from the 02/22 SS insert to get it for $2.49 (not really a steal unless you lurv this stuff)
  • Nature's Pride Whole Wheat Bread, 2/$4, use the $0.55/1 from the 02/22 Red Plum insert to get it for just $0.35. Yeah!
  • Gerber Fruit Strips were on closeout around $1.50 (half price!). Since I had some coupons from a recent Gerber home mailer campaign - $0.75/2 coupons for the Fruit Strips specifically, and some for $0.75/2 for Gerber Graduates snacks in general, I was getting $1.12 off each of those - so $0.38/box for kid snacks that are 99% fruit. Sweet!
  • Minute Brown Rice (as well as other varieties of Minute Rice) was $2.09. I used a $0.50/1 from the 01/04 SS on the brown rice single serve 2-packs to get the 2-packs for $0.59/each. There may be a functioning printable $0.50/1 Minute Rice coupon here (though we haven't tried it yet...caveat printor).
  • Glory Light Seasoned Tomatoes/Okra/Corn mix, $1.65. Subtract the recent $0.75/2 coupon to get these for $0.53/can.
  • Planters Big Nut granola bars (these are large!) were $3.14 for a box of 5...but after $0.75/1 coupon (02/22 SS), they were $0.89 for the box.
  • New York frozen Ciabatta Rolls (there may have been some slightly cheaper New York frozen products) were $3.49. After $0.75/1 (03/01 RP), they were $1.24.
If you found any hot deals, please post them in the comments section of our original Bloom March 2009 Triple Coupon Matchups post - where all of our matchups are documented! If you have questions about strategizing your Bloom run, also see our recent Bloom Triple Coupon Policy FAQ post.
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