Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shopper's Food Warehouse Coupon Matchups 03/12-03/15 (March 2009)

As mentioned, Shopper's Food Warehouse is doubling coupons up to $1.00 in value for 03/12-03/15 - four days only, and no tripling this time!

I stopped by Shopper's with a few readily-available coupons today (though since the word arrived only this morning in the regular Washington Post instead of yesterday's weekly Shopper's ad, I haven't had time to do my usual round of organizing).

We'll start the list of matchups here and continuously update as we find more matchups - and if you're reading in a reader or RSS feed, please check back on this post of the blog for updates as they come in. If you comment with matchups of your own (or corrections of ours), we'll add them to the list in the main post! If you are wondering about the source of some of these coupons, use's coupon database/coupon finder to search by brand name and the coupon info will result. :)

Shopper's Coupon Matchups 03/12-03/15

Freebies (no overage, unfortunately! :-\ )
FREE cereal, up to $4 in value, from Shopper's coupon found on page A15 of the Thursday 03/12 Washington Post, and another on page A13 of Friday's 03/13 Washington Post (min. purchase on both is $10). There was one in Saturday's 03/14 Washington Post A11 page and also one in the Saturday Baltimore Sun. THREE FREE...woo!
Mentos gum, $1.49, FREE after $1 03/08 SS coupons (there were two in the insert)!
Melita Coffee Filters, many packs qualify under provisions of $1 03/08 SS coupon, FREE (I got the unbleached 100 pack for $1.49 originally).
Rubbermaid EZ Finders, cheapest 2/$4 on sale (normally $2.39), FREE after $1 coupon!
Johnson & Johnson Buddies Soaps, $1.69, FREE after 03/08 SS insert $1 coupon.
Reese's Whipps, $0.79, FREE after $1/2 coupon
Hershey 3.5 oz Bars Dark Chocolate, $1.69, FREE after $1 coupon
GUM Crayola Style kids' toothbrushes 2-packs, $1.50, FREE after $0.75 coupon
Yoplait YoPlus yogurt 4 pack $2 - $1 off = FREE
Sargento Salad Finishers: if you have the 02/01 SS insert $0.75 coupon, these are $0.50 off. Better yet, use the upcoming 03/15 insert's $1/1 coupon to make them FREE!

Cheapies (under $0.50 deals bolded)
Over the Moon Milk, 1% or Skim, half gallon - $3.49 before $1 03/08 SS coupon, after: $1.49 (compare with regular half gallon of either, $1.99, or $3.49 for a whole gallon of regular milk!)
O-Cello scrub pads, single pack, $1.29, but $0.29 after $1/2 coupon from 03/08 SS doubles
4-pack Activia with Fiber, or Dannon Lite'n'Fit Six Packs, or DanActive 4-pack drinks
  • All $2.79, use $1 coupons from 03/08 SS, and get them for $0.79 - ~$0.20 each in the 4-packs, and $0.13 each for the Dannon L&F!
Ortega Taco Mix and Fajita Mix packets, $0.89, $0.14 after $0.75/2 coupon
Success Rice, $2.19, $0.19 after $1 coupon
Quaker Rice Cakes, $2.39, $0.39 after $1 coupon (or FREE if you find the $1.89 version)
Hormel Compleats microwavable meals, $2.49, $0.49 after $1 coupon
Chinet Dessert Paper Plates, $2.99, $0.99 after $1 coupon
Chinet Crystal Cut Tumblers, $2.49, $0.49 after $1 coupon
Ken's Marinades and Wing Sauce, $2.68, $0.68 after $1 coupon
Ken's Salad Dressings (spritzers), $2.75, $0.75 after coupon
Wishbone Salad Dressings (spritzers), similar to Ken's as above (exact numbers escape me)
Diet Orange Crush 2-liter, $1.25, just $0.25 after $1/2 coupon
Pledge Furniture Dusters (these are cool!), $2.79, $0.79 after $1 coupon
Chock Full'o'Nuts Coffee, $3.29, but $1.79 after $0.75 coupon
Celestial Seasonings teas, $3.19, but $1.19 after $1 coupon
Buitoni refrigerated pastas (ravioli, tortellini, etc.), $3.99, $1.99 after $1 coupon
Rubbermaid Takealongs pack of 2 round bowls, 2/$3, but use the $1/2 coupon to make them $0.50 per 2-pack!
FruitSense drinks (by the juice), 2/$5, just $0.50 each after $1 coupon. Flavors like blueberry pomogranate mangosteen, lime colada, and cranberry raspberry.
Cascadian Farm frozen organic veggies - the sweet corn or the sweet peas are the cheapest at $2.19, and the $1 coupon makes them just $0.19/bag!
Wholly Guacamole $2.50 - $1 off = $.50
Fiber One yogurt 4 pack $2.69 - $1 off = $.69
Dentek Floss Picks $1.89 - $1 off = FREE
L'Oreal Kids Shampoo $2.50 - $.75 off = $1
Del Monte No Salt Added Diced Tomatoes $1.33 - $1 off 2 = $.66 for 2, $0.33 each
Cap'n Crunch, 2/$5, but 2/$3 ($1.50 each) after $1/2 or $0.50/1 coupons from a recent SmartSource
Stouffer's Red Box Frozen Entrees, 5/$10. Use the $1/2 stromboli and $1/2 flatbread melt entree coupons from the 03/15 SS insert to make these just $1 each!
Cocoa Puffs are 2/$5, and use the $1/3 02/08 General Mills insert coupon to make them $1.84
Sargento Salad Finishers: if you have the 02/01 SS insert $0.75 coupon, these are $0.50 off. Better yet, use the upcoming 03/15 insert's $1/1 coupon to make them FREE!
Red Barron Pizzas are 2/$7, but if you use the $1/2 coupons found in the 01/11 and 03/01 SS inserts, they are 2/$5 or $2.50 each!
New York Pizzeria Dip'N Sticks are 3/$6, but use the $0.75/1 from the 03/01 RP, and they are $1.50/box
Land O'Lakes eggs are $2.79/doz. There is a $0.50 or a $0.55 coupon from the 02/22 SS that makes them $1.79 or $1.69/doz. - but remember that with this week's in-ad SuperCoupon you can get 18 Lucerne eggs from Safeway for just $0.99!

OK - here's the scoop so far on the Brown Bag Favorites deal.

Spend $25 on participating Kraft products, Arnold Bread, or Starkist Pouch in a single transaction, and a coupon good for $10 off your next purchase (a Catalina coupon) will print. This isn't as coupon-decadent as the last deal of this type (Buy 10, get $10), but here are the matchups nevertheless:

  • Planters Trail Mix, $1.98 each, no insert coupons apply
  • Crystal Light Mix, 2/$5, no insert coupons apply
  • DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas for One - 3/$8, no insert coupons apply
  • Grey Poupon mustard, $2.79, no insert coupons apply
  • Breakstone Cottage Doubles, 10/$10, no insert coupons apply
  • Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding refrigerated 6-pack snacks, 2/$5, and the 03/01 SS coupon is $0.60/1, so 2/$2.60, or $1.30 each
  • Kraft Mayonaise, 2/$6, no insert coupons apply
  • Kraft String Ums or Twists Cheese (Polly-O also pictured), 2/$6, no insert coupons apply
  • Snack Crackers or 100 Calorie Snack Pack, $2.99, Use the $1/2 Wheat Thins/Triscuits in the 03/15 SS to get these for $1.99/box
  • Kraft BagelFuls, $2.19, no insert coupons apply, but if you are feeling confident try this $1 printable which would make them just $0.19. We've had mixed results with SFW accepting printable Internet coupons, so good luck if you try!
  • Kraft Salad Dressings, 2/$6, no insert coupons apply
  • Arnold 12-Grain Bread, 2/$5, no insert coupons apply
  • Capri-Sun 10-packs, 2/$4, no insert coupons apply
  • Kraft 16 Slices American Singles, 2/$5, no insert coupons apply
  • Claussen Pickles (price not listed), no insert coupons apply
If you happen to have snatched the Kraft Food & Family Pamphlet, you are golden on this deal, though! Best scenario if you have a lot of inserts: buy 10 Jell-O packs for $25, then use the coupons to get you to $13.00. Print $10 coupon, net = $3.00 paid for 10 Jello six-packs, or $0.30/each. If your Shopper's accepted the $1 Bagelful Internet I'm just in a fantasy land. :)

Gina of Mommy Making Money just did a spectacular run with the Kraft deal and free cereal coupon at Shopper's Food Warehouse - and by exploiting the doubled coupons, she netted just $4.45 paid for:
  • 4 boxes of Triscuits,
  • 4 Polly-O String Cheeses
  • 1 Kraft Salad Dressing
  • 1 Roman Meal Bread (who knew that this counted toward the deal in addition to Arnold Bread?)
  • 1 Cheerios giant-sized box
  • 1 Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 1 Colossal Donut
Check Gina's run out here to see to see her working her Catalina magic!

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Heather said...

Thanks for posting the coupon match ups!
I found a few more coupon match ups at Shoppers today and I posted them on my blog.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Thanks, Heather of Penny Possibilities! :)

Heather also posed a very good question on her blog:

I am curious, does anyone else always have trouble using coupons at Shoppers, or is it just a problem at my location?

We agree that Shopper's can be curmudgeonly with coupon acceptance, which is why we will probably always only list matchups for paper insert coupons or mail campaign coupons since these tend to have the lowest levels of rejection historically.

On Heather's blog, we noted:

We get 'keyed' a lot in our transactions - in that a manager is often called over throughout to authenticate with a manager key that a certain number of coupons is OK or that a certain type of coupon is OK.

Shopper's is also historically inconsistent on accepting Internet Printables for us - we've done it several times successfully in the past, but also had them outright rejected more recently. The official company policy (as emailed to one of us who inquired) is all IPs up to $0.99 in value are accepted, but we know that there are several NOVA Shopper's Food Warehouses who have rejected any Internet coupons.