Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reader Email - Harris Teeter Triple Coupons Allowing Consecutive Transactions!

We received a delightful email this weekend. (Thanks!) With our email-writer's permission, we're sharing some excerpts with you because of some useful tips:

"One tip I wanted to pass along is that that with Harris Teeter's coupon policy, a shopper is supposed to only be allowed 20 coupons per day. But most cashiers will let you split up an order if you have more than 20 coupons to use. What I do is just tell the cashier at the beginning that I have to pay for some items separately, I don't offer an explanation as to why, and they don't ask. So yesterday, when I went during their triple coupon week, I was able to use 20 coupons in the first order and 16 in the second. The store wasn't busy at all and the cashier didn't even blink about it."

So, it looks like Harris Teeter and Bloom are pretty similar. If you're hitting up the stores at a non-busy time and ask nicely, a cashier is likely to allow you to do a couple of consecutive transactions - in this way allowing you to use more than the 20 coupons limited per transaction.

Our email writer also mentioned:

"Great tip too about the [deal listed in a recent post about] Motts Applesauce at Target. I went there with the Target and Motts coupons so I could stack them (my Target had them on sale for $1.87), so with the $1.55 in coupons for each, I got 5 total for under the price for one normally. I was shocked when I went to HT to see the same apple sauce is normally $3.05 (because I had thought about not making separate trips and just using the $0.55 coupon to triple at HT and not go to Target). I was sure glad that I did stop at Target after all!"

This second part illustrates a great point: if you are willing to make even two stops at different stores during the week, you can save quite a lot more, especially when compared with using only one store's ads and coupon matchups.

Of course, the more stores you are willing to visit, the more you stand to save, but there is something to be said for conserving gas money, time, and oh yes: your sanity. :) Being especially dedicated to following deals at just two stores is a great starting point. Our email-writer later pointed out that her Target and Harris Teeter happen to be very close to each other, and this is a great way to kick off your 'two store or more' strategy; begin with the stores closest to you (and to each other!) and see what deals appeal. You'll be hedging your bets savings-wise.

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