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5 Reasons to go to CVS this week - 03/29-04/04

Many thanks to the intrepid Erica of I Heart CVS for the deal matchups. We summarize the week's best deals here in this post, but Erica provides the complete CVS coupon matchup lineups week after week, month after month. Thanks so much, Erica!
  1. Paas Easter Egg Coloring Kits are $1.99, earn back $1.99 ECBs. Free after ExtraCare Bucks = FAECBs!
    Limit 2 (2 days only - after Monday, no ECBs are earned!)

  2. Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber is $2.99, but if you use this printable $2.75 off Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber coupon, it's just $0.24!

  3. Rimmel Cosmetics are BOGO, so you can use two coupons!
    -$1 Rimmel Foundation, any, Valassis/Red Plum insert, 02/22/09
    -$1 Rimmel Mascara, any, Valassis/Red Plum insert, 03/08/09
    -$1 Rimmel Product, any, Valassis/Red Plum insert, 02/22/09 or 03/08/09

  4. Soft Soap Ensembles hand soap or refill (prices start at $3.99) earn back $4 ECBs when you buy 2.
    Limit 3 times of doing this deal
    Potential coupons:
    -$2 off Softsoap Ensembles pump ($7.99) reinventing beauty magazine manufacturer's coupon
    -$2 SoftSoap Ensembles Liquid Hand Soap Pump with Disposable Base SS 03/22/09
    -$1 Softsoap Ensembles Liquid Hand Soap Replacement Disposable Base SS 03/22/09
    Best deal: buy two at $7.98 total, use two $2 coupons, pay $5.98, earn back $4 ECBs. 'Net': $1.98 for two Softsoaps!

  5. Accu-Check/Aviva diabetes monitors are $9.99, and you earn back $9.99 ExtraCare Bucks. FAECBs!
    Limit 1

    Now, you may legitimately ask: OK; there's no coupons involved, and there are no diabetics in my immediate circle of friends and family. Why on earth would I seek this out*?

    Say that you receive a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon in your email or regular mail, and you are sitting on $13 ExtraCare Bucks and a shopping list of just over $10 in stuff you want to pick up at CVS. This is the perfect situation to pick up this blood sugar monitor - because it will pump up your total to $20, and you will immediately take off $4 from your $4/$20 coupon - plus, say, another $3 worth of manufacturers' coupons from the other items you purchased (and these items happen to earn you $3 ExtraCare Bucks total).

    -$3 manufacturers' coupons
    $13 ExtraCare Bucks paid in...$(9.99+3) = $12.99 ECBs earned back out!
    A 'net zero' transaction!

    Compare this with buying only the $10.00+ of other items, subtracting just $3 in manufacturer coupons...and having to pay in $7 ExtraCare Bucks...only to earn back $3 ECBs. You just lost $4 ECBs by not picking up that blood glucose monitor. Besides, these monitors are great items to donate. Locate your local food bank or shelter now!

    *Usually in the locked display cases by the pharmacy, where you are required to check out if you are buying the monitor, by the way, so have the pharmacy employee unlock your monitor after you've already grabbed everything else that you need...
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