Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopper's Wins the Coin Toss

Actually, Shopper's Food Warehouse's couponing doubling/tripling deal just starts a day earlier than Bloom's does. This morning I took my daughter, days away from her second birthday, for a Shopper's Food Warehouse trip with two coupon wallets stuffed to the gills. (You people with toddlers and preschoolers know what kind of gumption and endurance that takes.) I picked up a lot of stuff this time around, in large part because the $1 coupons accumulating since Christmastime were expiring soon, and it is hard to pass up those kind of discounts when they are staring you in the face. The food bank beckons!

At check out my groceries ran up around $323. I paid $93.54 for an overflowing cart - a savings of 72%. But I just noticed that the IcyHot patches I had bought, were labeled $1.99 on the shelf (ergo free after $1 coupon), rang up at $7.99! Ack! I'm not paying that much to smell like menthol. I'm taking these puppies back, and after that, my total percentage saved will be more like 77%.

The best steals were in the dairy section - and now my garage refrigerator pretty much resembles the dairy section at Shopper's.

DanActive yoghurt drinks: 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon
Activia yoghurt: 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon
Yoplait Yo-Plus: 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon (I heartily recommend the blackberry pomegranate flavor)

Since I had 4 of each of these coupons, that was $24 worth of free yoghurt, peeps. Time for the happy free yoghurt dance...uh huh...oh yea...walk like an Egyptian...

Other freebies included:

French's Worchestershire Sauce, $1.49, FREE after $0.50 coupon
Reese's Whipps, $0.79, FREE after $1/2 coupon
Johnson and Johnson Buddies soap, $1.69, FREE after $1 coupon
Mentos gum, over $1, FREE after $1 coupon
Oetker Lemon Pie Mix, $1.49, FREE after in-store tearpad $0.50 coupon
Hershey 3.5 oz Bars Dark Chocolate, $1.69, FREE after $1 coupon
GUM Crayola Style kids' toothbrushes 2-packs, $1.50, FREE after $0.75 coupon
Colgate, $1.99, FREE after in-ad $1 coupon

Hot deals also included (deals $0.50 and under bolded):

Ortega Taco Mix and Fajita Mix packets, $0.89, $0.14 after $0.75/2 coupon
Success Rice, $2.19, $0.19 after $1 coupon
Quaker Rice Cakes, $2.39, $0.39 after $1 coupon
Hormel Compleats microwavable meals, $2.49, $0.49 after $1 coupon
Chinet Dessert Paper Plates, $2.99, $0.99 after $1 coupon
Chinet Crystal Cut Tumblers, $2.49, $0.49 after $1 coupon
Ken's Marinades and Wing Sauce, $2.68, $0.68 after $1 coupon
Ken's Salad Dressings (spritzers), $2.75, $0.75 after coupon
French's Spicy Brown mustard, $1.59. $0.09 after $0.50 coupon
Diet Orange Crush 2-liter, $1.25, just $0.25 after $1/2 coupon
Pledge Furniture Dusters (these are cool!), $2.79, $0.79 after $1 coupon
Campbells Microwaveable Soup Cups, 10/$10, but after $0.50/2 coupon, just $0.25 each!
Chock Full'o'Nuts Coffee, $3.29, but $1.79 after $0.75 coupon
Celestial Seasonings teas, $3.19, but $1.19 after $1 coupon
Stash Teas, $2.43-$2.59, but $0.93-$1.09 after $0.50 coupon
Buitoni refrigerated pastas (ravioli, tortellini, etc.), $3.99, $1.99 after $1 coupon
Daisy Sour Cream, 2/$4, $0.50 after $0.50 coupon
Rubbermaid EZ find lid 1.25 c. containers, $2.39, $0.39 after $1 coupon
Rubbermaid Takealongs pack of 2 round bowls, 2/$3, but use the $1/2 coupon to make them $0.50 per 2-pack!
FruitSense drinks (by the juice), 2/$5, just $0.50 each after coupon. Flavors like blueberry pomogranate mangosteen, kiwi lime colada, and cranberry raspberry.
Cascadian Farm frozen organic veggies - the sweet corn is the cheapest at $2.19, and the $1 coupon makes them just $0.19/bag!
Frank's Hot Sauce, $1.99, $0.49 after $0.50 coupon
L'Oreal kids' shampoo, 2/$4 this week, but after $0.75 coupon, just $0.50.
Sargento Cheese, 3/$10, but after $1/2 coupon, it comes to $2.33/bag. Not a steal, but good enough for a household bereft of cheese of any kind. ;o)
Also see my Buy 10 get $10 post for all product/coupon matchups from that part of the ad.

One tiny sour note: My Coke manufacturer coupon from Wawa was rejected! Bummer...not that it won't stop me from trying at Giant or Safeway.

If you are curious to know the inserts associated with these coupons, I recommend doing the quick lookup on AFullCup's coupon database - which keeps track of every coupon out there...provenance, expiration dates, etc. Amazing what resources can result when couponers join forces! :)

Let us know what deals you found in the comments section!
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