Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on "Nature's Promise" coupon rolling at Giant

About a week and a half ago, I blogged about rolling the $3 Nature's Promise coupons at Giant.

Since then, I've had a couple of chances to attempt to roll this coupon - with no luck. I asked the Customer Service lady about it today - and she said that since my $3 coupon used in the transaction took my $10.49 of Nature's Promise total down to $7.49, it was not registering the total as being over $10.

I asked her if I could go buy another loaf of bread to get my total high enough to get my $3 coupon (since I had already bought that much NP stuff). She said that there was no need for that, and she then cheerfully reimbursed me $3 cash on the spot - and told me that to avoid the scenario, I should check out without using my old NP coupon, so that the computer will recognize my total and the Catalina machine will print a new NP coupon, and then I should bring my receipt and my old NP coupon straight to the customer service desk for a $3 reimbursement.

Nice! Despite the Giant computer system's inability to roll the coupons (Hellloooo, CVS ECBs roll automatically just fine in their computer system... ;-p) , I couldn't ask for better customer service! And although this ex-post-facto system proposed by the customer service lady adds a few minutes to my grocery run, it's worth it to me, especially since the organics deal expires 02/28/09.
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