Monday, February 16, 2009

Coupon Location Alert - Gotta Go'ta' Wawa!

I had a delightful surprise today. Though I normally go to Sam's Club to get gas (it generally being $0.05-$0.15 or so lower than other places), today I had to stop at a Wawa for gas. I saw the previous occupant's receipt still hanging out of the printer on the pump. I took it off, and noticed COUPONS on the back. There were three different kinds:

  1. Wawa food-to-go, like $0.50-$1.00 off certain sandwiches.
  2. Candy/gum store coupons, ~$0.50 off, for candy bars and gum (like Stride and Snickers), redeemable only at Wawas.

    And...drumroll please...
  3. Manufacturer coupons! -- like the $0.50 off any Coke product 20 oz drink.

Why the big fuss over manufacturer coupons? These could be used at any store that accepts coupons. So - I have a couple of available strategies to maximize this Coke coupon:

  1. I could go to Giant and have it double any day of the week - making a $1.50 drink $0.50.
  2. I could go to Bloom or Shopper's Food Warehouse when they do coupon tripling (which they each do about once monthly) and get the drink for free or pretty close to it.

So, I learned two lessons today:

  1. Wawa receipts now have coupons on the back. A new source of coupons - including manufacturer coupons! So, when the machine asks if I want a receipt Y/N, I will always press "Yes"!
  2. I can apply the same 'coupon-stalking' strategy that I do at Giant when I check empty self-checkouts for Catalina coupons that previous customers have left behind - when I'm waiting at my pump as the gas fills the tank, I can glance around at other nearby empty pumps to see if there are any stray receipts hanging out.
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