Friday, February 27, 2009

Cheap, Healthy Weekend, 02/27-03/02

Before the weekend kicks off, we try to post a list of healthy eats deals - including produce, lean meats, and coupon matchups on healthier items. This can slash your produce and meat budget, even without a huge coupon stash, so look out for Cheap, Healthy Weekend in the future. You will also see a bit of coverage on what health benefits certain items have to offer - like links to what has to say!

Feel free to contribute to the Cheap Healthy Weekend lovin' with ideas of your own by adding a comment! :)

Your Cheap, Healthy Weekend Shopping List, 02/27-03/02:

Wegmans - through Saturday 02/28
Courtesy of Frugally Blonde and Frugal in Virginia
  • Wegmans gallon milk - $2.25 - $2.59 (through 02/28)
  • Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats - $2.50 (through 02/28)
    or $1.50/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats from 1/18 insert.
    Final price: $1.50-$1.75
  • Dannon Fruit on the Bottom or Light & Fit Yoghurt - $.50
    Use $1.00/10 coupon here.
Shopper's Food Warehouse
Doing coupon doubling and tripling!
  • Yo-Plus yoghurt, 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon (01/18 SS)
  • Activia yoghurt, 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon (01/11 and 03/01 SS)
  • Dannon DanActive Immunity Shots (yoghurt drink), 2/$4, FREE after $1 coupon (01/11 SS)
  • Success Rice, $2.19, $0.19 after $1 coupon (go for the brown rice! - 02/08 SS)
  • Quaker Rice Cakes, $2.39, $0.39 after $1 coupon (01/18 RP)
  • Ken's Salad Dressings (spritzers, just a calorie or few per spritz), $2.75, $0.75 after $1 coupon (01/11 SS)
  • Celestial Seasonings teas, $3.19, but $1.19 after $1 coupon (01/11 SS)
  • Stash Teas, $2.43-$2.59, but $0.93-$1.09 after $0.50 coupon (01/11 RP)
  • Buitoni refrigerated pastas (ravioli, tortellini, etc.), $3.99, $1.99 after $1 coupon (go for the whole wheat version! - 12/07/08 SS)
  • Cascadian Farm frozen organic veggies - the sweet corn and sweet peas are the cheapest at $2.19, and last weekend's SS $1 coupon makes them just $0.19/bag! (01/04 and 02/22 SS) As our tipster Lisa pointed out (See comments! Thanks, Lisa!), frozen strawberries might also be available for $2/package, aka FREE. :)
Courtesy of Mommy Making Money
  • Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran is just .99, limit 1, with a SuperCoupon from the Safeway ad.
  • Eating Right Salad Blends are $1.98 each. (Salad normally goes for about $3/bag anywhere.)
  • Clif and Balance Bars are $1.00 each. If you have the Mambo Sprouts coupon book, there's a coupon for .50/2 Clif Bars, which will double, so you get two for $1.
  • Thomas's Muffins and Bagels are $2.00 each.
  • Nabisco Crackers are $2.49 each. Use the $2.00/2 coupon from the 1/25 paper - or use these coupons for the Nabisco BOGO sale at CVS to get 2 boxes for $1.99, about $0.50 cheaper than Safeway. Either way, $1.00-$1.49 is a good price for high-fiber Triscuits!

Seedless Grapes are also $0.99/lb. at Food Lion, but there's not much else worth pursuing in that ad healthy-eats-wise.

Note: since we have had some bad luck with Shopper's Food Warehouse fresh foods in the past, we will only include SFW when the healthy deals are for prepackaged foods with coupon matchups.
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LisaBulloss said...

Look for the Quaker mini rice cakes at Shoppers. At the store in Fredericksburg, VA, they were just $1.89, so, free after the $1 off coupon, doubled.

I also found Cassandra Farms strawberries at my Shoppers. There was no price for them on the shelf and they did not scan, but they sold them to me for $2, so, free after doubled coupon.

Anyone for ice cream? Check your Bloom ad for Edy's ice cream. My ad, which says prices are good at Stafford, Fredericksburg, Locust Grove, Spotsylvania and Haymarket locations, says if you buy five containers of Edy's ice cream, you pay $1.99 each. That is a lot of ice cream for $10!

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Ooooo I am going to take my remaining Cascadian Farms coupon stash to my Shopper's and check out whether they are carrying any frozen strawberries.

Thanks for the tips, Lisa! :)

Masker # 7 said...

Don't go to the Kingstowne Shoppers then because I've not been able to find ANY Cascadian Farms frozen products. All they have is a few cereals and crackers in the Organic section. Bummer.

Also, "split chicken breast" at Safeway still have the bone and skin, right? Ewww...whenever I've bought those with the intention of de-boning/de-skinning myself, I ALWAYS end up with the world's chubbiest chickens--fat everywhere! Not worth the money to me! :)
Finally, Don't waste your coupons on LOW FAT Betty Crocker Brownies...they aren't very good and you'll just be disappointed--I was (after I ate the leftovers from our Tuesday group).
Don't forget there's a coupon in the Safeway Newspaper add for $10 off a $50 purchase. I'm going to get some diapers and milk--that's an easy way to blow some cash! Sigh!
LOVE you ladies and your blogs!