Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, it is SO on! Bloom triples coupons this weekend, too!

Laura over at Blessings in Bargains just sent out the alert: Bloom is tripling coupons this weekend, too! Awwww snap! Did Shopper's just get served? Well, we shall see.

In the past six months, the coupon doubling/tripling has happened during different weekends. I guess that I'll take the positive outlook: this time my efforts dedicated to organizing will be good for two sales.

Details for the Bloom deal as follows:

Coupons valued up to $.99 triple.
Triple up to 20 coupons per visit, per day.

Now don't y'all break a sweat over this. Here's one effective general metric to sort out your "Where shall I use what coupons?" dilemma.

Your $0.00-$0.50 coupons are worth the same (triple their value) at both places. Since SFW routinely has lower prices, unless the Bloom ad for the coming week shows something really on sale, you will likely do best reserving $0.00-$0.50 coupons for SFW. Also, since Bloom doesn't truck with $1.00 coupons, your $1.00 should be used at SFW for a doubled value of $2.00!

Meanwhile, anything $0.51-$0.99 will be worth triple at Bloom (instead of double at SFW), so you are likely to save the most saving the $0.51-$0.99ers for your Bloom run(s).

Check your local Bloom Ad here to determine if your Bloom is participating, and follow the coupon matchups on Hot Coupon World. Thanks so much, Laura, for the heads-up!

I should also take the time to mention here that in past months, both of us Redemption Unlimited Girls have had trouble redeeming internet printable coupons at SFW and Bloom. I think it really is a case-by-case and sometimes cashier-by-cashier basis, even when the expressed company policy is to accept them. I've talked to more than one manager who has said that fraudulent IP coupons have made them/their company reluctant to accept them. Incentives to keep within printing limits to keep the IP industry honest, right?

Which is to say: don't get your hopes up with the IPs. In all honesty, the only places that we've had routinely accept IPs without hassle are CVS, Safeway, and Giant (though Giant will not accept IPs labeled, "Get Free.").
Oh, it is SO on! Bloom triples coupons this weekend, too!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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