Thursday, April 30, 2009

Printable Coupons Might Get You FREE Frosted Flakes at Giant

You probably saw our post on deals at Giant in the coming week - deals made blazing hot by pairing coupons with the Giant ad's four dollar doubler coupons.

There are $1 coupons for the following at right now! Whether or not you can use these with the dollar doubler coupons depends on your manager's willingness to flex, probably, as the fine print specifies newspaper/magazine coupons, though doesn't explicitly rule out printables.

Frosted Flakes ($1.88 at Giant this week, but potentially FREE if your Giant lets you double it!)
Corn Pops
Frosted Mini Wheats
Rice Krispies
Froot Loops
Raisin Bran
Apple Jacks

Thanks so much to Frugally Blonde for posting about this! There's a $1.00 off Special K coupon on right now - and Liz is the blog to read about working this week's Special K Target gift card deal, pics and all. :)
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