Friday, April 24, 2009

High-Value Coupons at the Limited - $25/$50 purchase!

Rumor has it that at, you can use the following codes to get $25 off for every $50 you spend. We haven't tried it out ourselves yet, but the comments that users left next to this entry imply that you can stack the codes, meaning: spend $150 in an order, use three codes! Since there were 4 separate comments stating that these worked, we are taking a leap of faith that they are not user-specific/one-time-use.

If anyone tries these and has success (or not), let us know in a comment! :) Go to today.


Edit: I just added 6 $60 items to a cart, went to checkout, and when I selected "Enter Virtual Dollars" under the "Enter Coupon Code" box, 7 empty fields appeared. I entered all six codes above, and the transaction took off all $25 values - $150 total! Not that I had plans to buy 6 identical $60 dresses today; I was just trial-running it for those of you wanting to do a big wardrobe boost. Yes - all 6 virtual dollar coupons can work in one transaction! Woo-hoo!


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Safire said...

I tried this but only 2 virtual dollar slots came matter how many times. How did you get 6?

Kat said...

I just tried using the codes and the site said they were invalid! ;-(

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Kat: A couple of folks have contacted/commented about the codes. When I was first blogging about it this morning, I tried to use them in the normal coupon code slot, and was told they were invalid. I was frustrated - until I realized that I was using the wrong field; under the coupon code field there is an option to click for "enter virtual dollars", and when I clicked this, seven empty fields appeared. I entered each of the six codes listed, and then clicked 'submit', and they all submitted simultaneously, showing as a $150 discount.

Safire - I have no idea why I got 7 "virtual dollar" fields and you got 2, unfortunately.

Kat said...

Thanks for clarifying, I'll try that! *fingers crossed*

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

I talked with a friend this weekend - we came to the conclusion that the number of virtual dollar fields that appear might have something to do with the amount of merchandise (cash value) in the cart. Since I had ~$360 worth of dresses, I got seven blanks (she had a smaller amount, and got fewer blanks). Just another item to consider with this.

Thanks for all your feedback, ladies! :)