Monday, April 13, 2009

Have you loaded your April upromise coupons?

Have you loaded your batch of April upromise coupons? If you have store loyalty cards (CVS, Giant, Safeway, Shopper's Food Warehouse, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, anybody?) - then you can tie your loyalty card to your upromise accounts. Just sign into, make sure that your loyalty card numbers are tied to your upromise accounts, and go to 'Earn Rewards' in the top menu bar, and click 'e-Coupons'. You can select all of the coupons and load them for April.

You do not get the discounts right away for having loaded these coupons - the 'savings' is loaded instead to your upromise account when you purchase selected items with the store loyalty cards whose numbers you've added to your upromise account. The coupons are very often for the same items heavily promoted in Sunday inserts and store weekly ads, so if you are a couponer, odds are good that you may find yourself buying items that are on the upromise monthly e-Coupons lineup. (Among this month's e-Coupons: Johnsonville Sausage, Post Cereal Coupons, Huggies...sounding familiar?)

Yes - it is a small amount, but something is better than nothing, and this is a painless way to add some college savings in just a couple of minutes. Think about it: you'd kick yourself if you later realized that the CVS "Free After ExtraCare Bucks" item(s) you purchased would also have given you a couple of bucks in your upromise account just because your store loyalty card numbers and coupons would have been pre-loaded. And remember that purchasing certain participating products with your store loyalty card every day (even without e-Coupons!) will add slowly but surely to your upromise accounts, so go get your account up and running! :)
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