Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Shopper's Food Warehouse Run - April 2 - Lots of Freebies and Cheapies!

Indulge me a moment here - I don't normally get a chance to execute the 'photo + total savings' combo post that is so characteristic of couponing blog culture ...because after a long session in a grocery store, my little one is ready for a snack and a nap. And actually, usually, so am I. ;)

I did my first Shopper's Run tonight (amazing how fast that trip went with just me...) and cleaned up! I spent $25.91 on $130-some dollars worth of groceries (and you can click the pic to enlarge for details). I also met a sweet fellow couponer; clearly, we ran into each other while feverishly thumbing through our Post cereal coupons in the cereal aisle! lol - I hope that you scored big on your transaction and made your boyfriend's jaw drop when you showed him the receipt!

There were a ton of freebies and some real cheapies. See our original Shopper's Food Warehouse master April double coupon matchup shopping list to plan your next trip - and be sure to share your savings stories with us all by posting a comment! :o)

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