Sunday, April 5, 2009

Free Print Shipping on PhotoWorks through April 9

OK...true confession...I have very uncharitable opinions about in-store photo kiosks. For some reason I just don't get along with them - and have never been able to download photos from my new camera's high-memory photo card onto any store machine (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.). Add to the technical difficulty frustration the fact that it is almost impossible to execute and 'upload photo/order prints' session in store - which requires me to stand at the kiosk for up to half an hour - while shopping with a two-year-old...well...let's just say that I avoid the experience whenever possible.

Which is why I get excited when a photo company online offers free print shipping. I don't even care, to tell you the truth, if they charge $0.15/4x6 print as opposed to an in-store kiosk's $0.14/4x6 print, if you get my drift.

Is me ordering 20 prints online, shipped free, instead of getting frustrated and burned out trying to navigate an in-store kiosk - paying $0.20 more, in essence, a 'splurge' that's worthwhile? Ohhhhh, yea. With PhotoWorks, you save at least $1.79 on shipping (see 'normal' shipping rates below). is shipping prints free through April 9. Enter the code SPRINGPRINT at checkout to receive the free shipping. Minimum order is $1.00 (at least seven 4x6 prints, for reference). The code AGIEMPPHOTO09 is rumored to get a 40% discount sitewide, though we haven't confirmed this, and don't know if it is stackable with SPRINGPRINT. Let us know in a comment if you try stacking the codes - and whether it worked!

Here are PhotoWorks' current print prices.

Size Price
3.5x5 $0.09 -$0.15
4x6 $0.09 -$0.15
5x7 $0.99
Wallets (4) $0.99
8x10 $2.99
8x12 $2.99
11x14 $9.95
12x18 $10.95
16x20 $17.95
20x30 $23.95
24x36 $34.95

And to give you an idea of PhotoWorks' standard rates for shipping prints:

Shipping & Handling Charges for Orders shipped to addresses in the United States

Print Size Quantity Standard Second Business Day* Next Business Day*
3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7, wallet, 8x10 and 8x12 1-10 prints $1.79 base $11.99 base $15.99 base
11-20 prints $1.99 base $11.99 base $15.99 base
21-30 prints $2.49 base $13.99 base $17.99 base
31-50 prints $2.99 base $13.99 base $17.99 base
51-75 prints $3.99 base $15.49 base $19.99 base
76-100 prints $5.99 base $15.49 base $19.99 base
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