Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Shipping on Mrs. Meyers products for Earth Day, through 04/22, plus $5 off $25 coupon available to use!

Today and tomorrow, Mrs. Meyers earth-friendly cleaning and home products are shipping free from mrsmeyers.com. If you sign up for the email (bottom of web page), you'll get a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase - 20% off if you can get your subtotal close to $25. (The coupon is good for around a month.) I have tried the lavender scent in the shower spray and countertop spray, and have found the scent to be agreeable.

You can see reviews for Mrs. Meyers products/scents here at drugstore.com's Mrs. Meyers lineup. The prices on the Mrs. Meyers site are at least $0.50/unit cheaper than at drugstore.com, where there is currently an offer for a $40-valued Seventh Generation Shopping Tote filled with earth-friendly samples with any $30 minimum green and natural purchase. However, if you ebates your drugstore.com purchase (mrsmeyers.com not available through ebates), you'll get 6% back, and that alone would probably nearly make up that $0.50/item difference. You also earn 5% cash back as credit for your drugstore.com spending (works like CVS quarterly ECB rewards - issued to your account at the end of a quarter, good to spend online for a month). Your first order at drugstore.com over $25 ships free (repeat customers, the minimum purchase is $49). The code BEAUTIFUL is remored to get you a 10% discount on beauty and spa products; maybe the natural/green beauty products included in this tote deal would also fall under this deal?

SO....what did we learn here in short for current natural cleaning product deals?
  • Mrs. Meyers is 20% off, shipping free at mrsmeyers.com. No ebates available.
  • Buy at least $30 of Mrs. Meyers (and any other natural cleaning products), and you will get a $40-valued natural samples tote included. You get free shipping $25 min. first-time customers, $49 min. repeat customers (standard shipping is $5.99). 6% cash back from ebates, 5% cash back from drugstore.com's quarterly reward.
The best deal for you is detemined by a combination of the following:
  • How much Mrs. Meyers you want to buy
  • Whether you want to order other 'natural cleaning' or drugstore (toiletries/meds/cosmetics) products in addition
  • Whether it would be your first time ordering on drugstore.com
  • Whether or not the free tote deal appeals to you
Happy green cleaning shopping. :)
Free Shipping on Mrs. Meyers products for Earth Day, through 04/22, plus $5 off $25 coupon available to use!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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