Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Reasons to Visit Giant (aka Stop and Shop) This Week (04-10-04/16)

Here are the top five deals we saw in the ad:
  1. General Mills Granola Bars are 4/$6 (must buy 4). There might be a $1.35/1 Mocha Chewy Fiber One bars printable coupon, which would make them $0.15. There was a $0.50/box of Fiber One bars in the 03/08 SS, which doubled - would make them just $0.50/box!
  2. Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes are 4/$5 ($1.25/each). Use the $0.35/1 (02/01 SS insert) to get them for $0.55 each, and as Crystal of Money Saving Mom mentioned, when you buy five, you can mail in for a $5 coupon booklet! 5 x $0.55 is $ you'd end up at least $2.25 to the good if you eventually used all of those coupons in the booklet.

  3. Knorr Pasta Sides are 10/$10. Use the $0.60/2 from the 01/18 RP insert to get them for $0.40/each, or the $0.75/2 from the 03/29 RP to make an even better deal, for $0.25/each!

  4. Zatarain's rice mixes are 2/$4. Use the $0.75/2 from the 02/08 RP to get them for just $0.25/each.

  5. Sorrento Ricotta Cheese (32 oz. big cup) or 1 lb. cubes of Sorrento Mozarella are $2.99. Use the $1/1 Ricotta or Mozarella coupons, issued in the 02/08 SS and the 03/22 SS, to make these cheeeeap at $1.99. Lasagna or stuffed shells, anybody?
And here are other Giant coupon matchups and deals that we spotted:
  • For Easter, $1.39/lb. honey spiral sliced ham.

  • Asparagus, $1.69/lb. Sauté or grill it with salt, pepper, and rosemary. Yum!

  • $1.66/lb. Strawberries.

  • $0.49/lb. Sweet potatoes. They won't be this cheap again for a long time, we're betting, with spring and summer fare taking center stage in the coming weeks.

  • Half price beef rib roast, $4.99/lb. (save $5.00/lb).

  • Coke 12 packs are 4/$10, or $2.50 each. This is about as low as grocery store discounts get on soda 12 packs unless you have peelie or tearpad coupons that apply.
  • Land O'Lakes Butter is $1.99/lb., save $1.30/lb. Butter is oh-so-freezable, so if you bake a lot, you can stock up.

  • 80% Lean Ground Beef is $1.99/lb., a price lower than we've seen in ages. Freeze, please!

  • Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Breads are BOGO.

  • Lay's Potato Chips (Excludes Baked, Light, or Kettle) are BOGO.

  • Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon is BOGO - or $2.75/each. A dozen large eggs are BOGO, too! Bring on the brunch!

  • Thomas' English Muffins 6-packs (Original or Whole Grain White) are BOGO.

  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese is BOGO.

  • Breyers ice cream is BOGO. It normally is priced around $5, SO $2.50-$3 each is probably your price point. The $0.75 coupon in the 04/05 insert will double, making it around $1-$1.50 each. Nice.

  • Rondele Cheese Spreads or Pub Cheeses are BOGO, and so are Simply Enjoy Water Crackers. Sabra Hummus is 2/$7 - here is a potentially working $1.50/1 printable for Sabra. That would make the hummus just $2/10 oz. package. All of these would make great appetizers on Easter!

  • Freschetta Pizza is $5.99. For maximum savings, use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 02/08 SS insert - doubled to $1.50 off, to get the pizza for $4.49/each. There was also a $1/1 coupon in the 03/01 SS that would make them $4.99/each.

  • Weight Watchers and Boston Maket Entrees are 4/$10. Go here to get a $1/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones coupon, which would net you 5 entrees for $11, or $2.20/each.

  • Jimmy Dean D-lights are $4.99. Use the $1/1 or the $0.55/1 (doubles to $1.10) from the 02/22 SS.

  • Coffee-Mate creamers are 2/$4. Go here to get a $1/1 printable, making the creamer $1.

  • Breakstone's Sour Cream is 2/$3. There was a recent Sunday insert with a $1/2 coupon (expires 04/29) that would make these $1/each.

  • Nestle cookie dough is $2.99. There might be a printable coupon available by registering here.

  • Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Cereals are 2/$6. The last time that I was in Giant, I saw a $1/2 peelie on some of the granola boxes. You're better off using the $1/1 printable available at Eat Better America, and you can get the cereal for $2/box, pretty food for organic cereal, which is normally more like $4+/box! (I thought initially these might be combinable, but now I'm pretty sure that they're both manufacturer coupons, ergo not stackable.)

  • Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is 2/$6. Use the $0.50/1 manufacturer tearpad coupon from the ice cream fridge at Wawa to double, making the ice cream $2/each.

  • Bumble Bee Tuna is 3/$2, or $0.66/each. Stock up on this cheap tuna price!

  • Classico Pasta Sauces are 2/$5, and you might be able to get a $1/2 printable coupon by registering here.

  • All 2x liquid detergent is 2/$9. If you were lucky enough to snag one of the $2/1 printables earlier this week, you can get it for $2.50 each (though we suspect a BOGO deal in the future some place that would make it near-free for two!). Or follow Crystal's advice, and get the All Small & Mighty at Target for just $0.99.
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caroline said...

Where did the Duncan Hines and Knorr coupons come from? They sound familiar, but I can't find them in my stash.

OT: The Washington Post doesn't seem to carry the Red Plum insert. I usually get it in my mailbox sometime during the week. Any tips for getting extras?


Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

The Duncan Hines was in the 02/01 SS insert - we had missed putting the insert in there, but it's fixed in the post now. Thanks for the catch!

The Knorr sides were in the 01/18 Red Plum insert.

We get our Red Plum inserts now in our local papers since the Washington Post is no longer in the RP network. RP now mails individual inserts to houses, but they are still buyable in local papers that carry RP. And good news: the local papers are usually $0.50 or less per edition. For more information, check out this past post of ours (now archived as a tutorial in our right hand sidebar), where we discuss local papers that still carry RP:

Cheaper Inserts AND Reclaiming Your Missing Red Plum / Valassis Inserts - Find Your Local Papers

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you still have questions.

The Alchemist said...

The granola bar IPs aren't working. The first link doesn't print, and the Betty Crocker link doesn't show the coupon in the list.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...


Normally we don't get a chance to verify our Internet printables right away when posting our Giant matchups on Wednesdays - and we usually note this in the posts. I just clicked through the $1.35 granola printable - and 2 copies just printed nicely on my printer, so we are keeping that link in the post for now. As for the Nature Valley link - that was an active link when we posted the deals last Wednesday, but unfortunately these Internet coupon links can expire so quickly. We have deleted this link from the original post.

Thanks so much for the feedback on the links!