Saturday, April 25, 2009

Organizing Dates

A while back, my husband and I spent a couple of hours on a Saturday sorting through moving and storage boxes that had been accumulating in our office. I found at least $30 worth of office supplies, including:

Specialized printer papers:
Photo paper
Business card paper
Window cling paper

Other office supplies:
3-ring binder transparent sheet sleeves
Binder clips
Pens and pencils (we handed these to our young daughter to 'test' while we sorted other stuff)
Scotch tape
Mechanical pencil leads
Mailing envelopes

I was shocked at the amount of usable office supplies that resulted from just 2 hours of organizing. If I had needed any of these, I might have bought them before realizing that they were hidden in the boxes upstairs. And now: I have an organized cabinet full of office supplies.

Do you have some storage or moving boxes that haven't been opened in a while? You might be surprised to discover what useful things are hiding out in them. A little time can pay big dividends!
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