Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday 04/01 RedBox Free Rental Code, and Other Free Rental Codes!

It's RedBox Free Rental Wednesday! As Matthew McConaughey would say: "All right, all right!" Movies must be returned by 9 p.m. the following night...I love that feature because it means that I don't have to stress myself out the following day trying to schedule in a trip to the Redbox. By the way, you don't need to return your RedBox rental to the same Redbox machine; you can return it to any RedBox machine.

See link at post bottom for RedBox locations. Get a free night's rental with the Wednesday April 1 Redbox Free Rental code (good for movies rented out today only): MMM401 is the free Wednesday 04/01/2009 code.

But please note: If it's your very first time using RedBox, use the code REDBOX first (this is a one time only code good only on the first time you use Redbox) If you want to use this code and the Wednesday 04/01 code, then you pretty much need to rent two movies tonight, using REDBOX and then the Wednesday code.

Other codes: BREAKROOM and DVDONME are supposed to be good for free rentals anytime, so wait to use these until tomorrow, when you must return your Wednesday DVD(s). There is a history of regular Monday and Wednesday one-day-only freebie codes, so never use these on a Monday or Wednesday if you can help it.

Instead, if you want to rent on a Monday or Wednesday, check out Redemption Unlimited under the RedBox Free Rental Codes label, or head over to to find those one-day-only codes.

Here's a code good for RedBoxes at Walgreens only.

Here are codes good for Giant Eagle RedBoxes only (not sure if Giant Food qualifies...)


Here is a RedBox code for Martin's food:

Remember - start with today's-only code and the new user code before you use these others! Find your local Redbox kiosks at nearby gas stations, grocery stores, and other locations. Search the Redbox Movie Titles for tonight! Bolt is out on DVD now. See here for all Redemption Unlimited Red Box posts.
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