Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roundup: Some Recent Worthwhile Reads

For fun and info, here are some articles that pinged our radars this week:

Five Frugal Food Tactics from Trent's Kitchen - includes a recipe for make-your-own cream of soup. Nice! Thanks to A Simple Dollar's Trent for these sweet tips. Trent also did a great post which serves up the a choice reason to seek frugality: the more frugal you are (that is, the more you pursue it as a lifestyle), the more you can afford to take on a job that really delights you, instead of one that drags you down.

Gina's post alerted us to Mindi's Coupon Ethics - Why Stores Don't Trust Us - which came with a follow-up Coupon Ethics: Coupon BarCode Decoding. We had no idea that there were so many ways to cheat/fraud the system - which definitely helps to explain the occasional surly attitude you can run into while couponing. More incentive to respect print limits, honor coupons' stated terms, and remain ever friendly and honest in your coupon dealings - do it for yourself and your fellow couponers! Many thanks to Mindi for putting major points in this hot-button issue all in one spot.

Ginger of Attention Target Shoppers did a post on the "Recycle Bank" - recently featured on Oprah - in which recyclers can accumulate credit for shopping at participating Target locations! Wish there was a participating location closer to us, but maybe in the future...(Thanks so much, Ginger!)

Finally, Ginger also covered Huggies' New Enjoy the Ride program, and included info on $2 Huggies coupons and codes to redeem in the program for points.
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