Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did a Near-Freebie Run at WalMart for Fun!

I did a freebies-at-WalMart run to see what I could find. I scooped up 4 Kraft salad dressings, and 8 2-packs of Olay shea butter soap - around $26.16 worth of stuff, for $5.31 ($1.15 tax included). This was a productive run for me because (gasp!) we were actually down to our last bar of soap. Perish the thought that a CVSer should run out of toiletries! lol The only setback was discovering that my WalMart doesn't accept Internet coupons (I had tried Crystal's proposed free Glucerna cereal deal).*

If you try a WalMart freebie trip, here are some of the deals worth seeking during a shopping trip:

  • $0.08 Kraft salad dressing
  • $0.48 2-packs of shea butter Olay bar soaps (yes, Crystal's post said FREE, but in NOVA WalMarts the two-packs appear to be priced at $2.48. $0.24/bar still ain't shabby, though, especially compared with $1.24/bar retail)
  • FREE McCormick seasonings
  • FREE (potentially) Seventh Generation baby wipes
I heard about all of these deals through Crystal Paine's Money Saving Mom. See all of Money Saving Mom's posts on Wal-Mart steals (including matchups for the above listed freebies) here. Many printable coupon matchups, too!

No Nonsense Pantyhose are a free rolling promo, as well. The package has a coupon, so use your $1 off coupon from the insert (Crystal has the details.) to buy pantyhose whose packages come with $1 coupons.

Crystal also mentions in her recent WalMart deals that WalMart carries $1 VitaminWater, so the 04/05 $1 coupon will make it free. I will be saving these $1 coupons to use at Giant, where VitaminWater is on sale for $1 each this week - because it's good 'filler' to get my transaction up to $15 in order to use a doubler coupon for a different item.

And later, when I'm on the computer:

*What is going on lately with stores rejecting Internet coupons? I don't think that Internet coupons will be going away, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds. I do know that stores that do accept Internet coupons invariably get more business from me than they would otherwise.

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