Friday, May 1, 2009

Giant Printables/Dollar Doublers Question

Reader Jen alerted us in a comment to some more fine print on those Giant doubler coupons (thanks for bringing this up, Jen!). The fine print appears not on the doubler coupons themselves, but on the Giant ad flap under the doubler coupons, at the very bottom. Jen asked:

"Does anyone know if printables will work with the doublers? The fine print at the bottom of the strip of coupons says "Offer applies to manufacturers' coupons clipped from magazines and/or newspapers" which seems to imply it's NOT applicable to Internet coupons - which would take out my free Frosted Flakes at the very least!"

Arrrrrrgh. This is the kind of fine print which spurs me try to acquire as many newspaper inserts (as cheaply) as possible for my coupon collection; I'm just getting tired of having to justify Internet printables as perfectly legit coupons, and stores seem to increasingly specify newspaper-only coupons. You don't need to spend $1.50 per Sunday paper, either. Find your cheaper local papers in gas stations and grocery stores - which often publish weekly and are around $0.50/each, depending on the publication. Bonus: you'll keep smaller newspapers afloat in this economy. :)

Nevertheless, if you're feeling bold, you could ask your Giant manager if they accept the printables with the doublers. We are curious to hear feedback from readers on their experiences redeeming printables these with the doublers!
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Jen said...

Thanks for taking my comment and making it a post! That made my day. And the even better news is that I was able to use my printable and get free Frosted Flakes. I used my other dollar doublers on newspaper coupons to be on the safe side, but I'll do a run tomorrow to get MORE FREE CEREAL with my printables! :D

Also, a tip on the two best deals I found at Giant today - one's a dollar doubler, the other is not.

Nature Made 100 ct. ORGANIC flaxseed capsules are on sale for $5.49 (down from $10.99) and I had two $1 NM coupons that doubled. Well, one of them did. The register does track the 4 doubler limit so my 5th was rejected (I had intended only to buy one if the printable went through but got confused). Anyway, even without the second double coupon, I got 200 for $7.88!!

And Finish dishwasher gelpacks (20 ct) are $3.50 (down from $4.99) so with the $2.50 off from last weekend's inserts they are $1!! Woohoo!

Sara said...

I also used the printables to get the free Frosted Flakes. Actually, since they were $1.88/box, and with the $1 coupon and the $1 doubler, it gave me ack $0.12/box.