Friday, May 22, 2009

More $/$$ coupons - Bloom and Shopper's Food Warhouse - but Usable At Other Stores, Too!

There are more $/$$ grocery coupons in today's Washington Post (A15 and A17, plus others like Ruby Tuesday BOGO entrees) - for Bloom and Shopper's Food Warehouse. There is also a printable coupon available via Bloom's website for $10/$40, good 05/20-05/26 - posted earlier today by Jodi (thank you!) of Never Pay Retail Again.

Remember that these coupons can be used at Harris Teeter, or as Penny Possibilities helpfully pointed out (thanks Heather!), at SuperFresh, both of which officially accept competitors' coupons. Some other NOVA/MD/DC Metro area grocery stores are open to accepting these competitor coupons, but it's probably wise to ask before you shop at the Customer Service desk as it can vary on a store-by-store basis. Frugal in Virginia has confirmed that all Giants accept competitor coupons.
More $/$$ coupons - Bloom and Shopper's Food Warhouse - but Usable At Other Stores, Too!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Kate said...

Hi. I went to my Giant in Chantilly, VA today and they would not accept the shoppers coupons. Just thought you'd like to know.

Holly said...

My Giant (Lorton) accepted them. The manager there is wonderful! I highly recommend talking to the manager first as soon as you walk in and ask if they will accept the competitors coupons.

In my experience, self-check out won't work for those coupons so you will have to go to the manager at customer service and have them do it at the end.

This might confuse them because usually you use the coupon BEFORE your other manu. coupons.

It might be possible to do it that way too. Give them the x/xx coupon and then the manu. coupons at the customer service desk.