Friday, May 8, 2009

KFC Coupon Article - Why Some Won't Redeem

This article had a little snippet on why some KFC's are refusing to redeem Oprah's coupons: it's dependent on whether the KFC location is franchised.

Some folks in New York staged chicken sit-ins, refusing to leave locations until they got their free chicken meals. I love free chicken, but sometimes your time is just worth more than a freebie, y'know? I can understand getting principled about it, though - I've been to a few customer service desks over a buck or two (though if it takes long, I'm usually out of there - can't park in customer service with a little one forever, after all).

Have any of you had your KFC coupons rejected? What are your stories?
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1 comment:

Coffee Maker said...

for that final "Raincheck" verdict, it sounds like KFC is banking on the fact that people hate filling out forms and therefore won't do it