Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clearanced Diapers at $0.10/each at Giant!

Liz of Frugally Blonde just notified us of a sweet diaper stock up scenario: apparently her Giant has clearanced packages of Cottontails diapers to 50% off (84 size 3 for $8.99) - making them about $0.10 each. (For reference, even Sam's club prices on diapers can run up to $0.30/each for brand name diapers). Liz has advocated trying out generic diapers, and since we've both started couponing and deal-hunting, we've started to become more flexible in that arena, too (Between the two of us, we've tried CVS brand, Playskool, and Wal-Mart brands at least). Thanks so much for this tip, Liz!

Liz theorized that they might be changing the packaging...which in Diaperland often means that you'll soon be spending more for less diapers (sigh), as one savvy reader wrote us about recently when she was aghast at the new reduced sizes and hiked prices in the Harris Teeter diaper aisle. So - grab some clearanced Cottontails at your Giant if you see them!
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Holly said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm heading to Giant this morning. I need more diapers too.

Thanks to all of the good deals from you and other blogs I've only spent maybe $250 on diapers for the 1st year! Woohoo! I'm hoping for this next year I can spend less now that I coupon more.

Holly said...

At my Giant it was $8.99 on discount but my Giant (Lorton) is expensive so that could be the reason. The other Giant generic brand was $6.99 for the same number of diapers.