Friday, May 1, 2009

First Dollar Doubler Run at Giant, 05/01: $2.65 for $25+ of Frosted Flakes and Gum

This morning, I paid $2.65 at Giant for:

7 x 14 oz. boxes of Frosted Flakes
2 x SlimPacks of Wrigley's Winterfresh

I used:

7 x $1 off Kellogg's coupons (04/05 RP insert coupons)
4 x $1 dollar doubler coupons from the Giant ad
2 x FREE SlimPack coupons (03/15 SS insert coupons)

Noteworthy items, in chronological order
(hopefully smoothes out your future trips):

My Giant's ads by the door had no dollar doubler coupons attached. Lesson learned: Use your dollar doublers for what you are most likely to need/consume! And - don't throw away your Giant ad at home.

The shelves were fully stocked; only one Frosted Flakes box missing by the time I got there. Of course, that could be a different story by, say, Sunday afternoon.

I picked up the two SlimPacks to put my post-BonusCard discounts total over $15, just to have my bases covered. $1.88 (BonusCard sale price for Frosted Flakes) x 7 is $13.16, after all, so after two gum packs I would be up to $15.74, ergo justified in using all four dollar doubler coupons.

The free gum coupons really mess up the self-checkouts! My self-checkout refused the manually punched in instructions of the very nice lady who helped me, and ultimately she had to transfer my transaction to her personal register. For some reason, she could only give me $1.19 off the $1.29 packs, so the gum cost me $0.10/each. So sue me. ;-p Lesson learned: use coupons good for $/cents off to get filler freebies - like the 04/05 SS $1 VitaminWater coupons that get you free VitaminWater - instead of plain old freebie coupons - at self-checkout. Click here to see our list of coupon matchups for May 1 through May 7, including many other dollar doubler coupon steals.

I'm content to amortize the rest of the transaction cost over all the cereals, even though four were technically free. $2.45/7 boxes = $0.35/box. For a box of cereal that retails $3.49/box. That's a savings of 90%!

How are you working the doubler coupons at Giant? What kinks in the system have you encountered, if any? Comment and/or add a Mr. Linky!

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First Dollar Doubler Run at Giant, 05/01: $2.65 for $25+ of Frosted Flakes and GumSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Gina said...

Wow--that's a lot of Frosted Flakes! Great job!