Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Parade Magazine strikes again!

Call me obsessive, but I page through pretty much anything that comes into my mailbox or home. That technique has paid off, because Parade Magazine strikes again!

On page 13 of the May 3, 2009 edition, there is a BOGO manufacturers coupon for Kraft Easy Mac. These single serve packages retail for $1 or less in most stores. Couple that coupon with this great deal at Target, and you'll get some cheap Easy Mac. These are great items to donate to food pantries if it doesn't appeal to you. Or to include in a gift package to your favorite high school graduate who is college bound.

Once again, thanks to Money Saving Mom!
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1 comment:

Lynn Lascola said...

FYI on that Parade coupon... I got 3 issues of Parade (I got 1 Baltimore Sun and 2 Washington Posts) and only ONE of them had the Easy Mac BOGO in it. The other 2 just had different ads in that spot. Parade is strange that way.

Also, this coupon (BTW, there also is a printable version of it out there... I've found it at 2 different sites for a total of 4 coupons printed so far) would be a money maker at Target.

2 Kraft EasyMac at Target = $.89*2 = $1.78
-$.89 (BOGO MQ)
-$1 ($1/2 MQ) = $.11 profit/pair :)

Of course prices vary per store... but I've never seen EasyMac priced higher than $1 at Target...