Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Dish! - FREE Preprepared Meal for Moms of Babies Born 05/11/08 or Later! May 5 through May 23

Let's Dish locations in Virginia and Maryland are offering moms of new babies a FREE meal (serves 2-3) to take away between May 5 and May 23, 2009.

I think I know approximately a bajillion moms who could score some free eats off this deal. Any baby born or adopted since last Mother's Day (05/11/08) will qualify you for this offer; you simply need to bring some proof of birth or adoption, and you will be asked to provide a valid email address (hint: let it be your junk email address). Note that it does not need to be your first baby for you to qualify!

To find your nearest Let's Dish! location, click here.

Details seen here at the Let's Dish! blog. Let us know if you try this offer out - and what you thought of the meal you tried. :)
Many thanks to FrugalFriends, who took the time to email us about this sweet offer!
Let's Dish! - FREE Preprepared Meal for Moms of Babies Born 05/11/08 or Later! May 5 through May 23SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Anonymous said...

Thanks RU Girls for the shout-out!
I hope a lot of moms can take advantage of this great deal.
My mom loves Let's Dish, and although I've never tried it out, everyone who I've met who has been there has really liked the recipes, meal preparation and overall experience.

laura said...

That stinks... my baby was born two weeks too soon for us to be eligible!

Safire said...

I did this last year and it was great! They let me pick out anything out of the freezer I wanted up to $20 I think. I even got 2 because we had twins.

The meals were great, just the right amount for 2 people. We had to be a little creative with my daughter joining in the dinner, but she happily ate what we got.

This is a great deal!