Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note on Shopper's Matchups Master Spreadsheet - Making Changes Tonight

Now that we have the ad matchups posted for this weekend's Shopper's Food Warehouse triple coupon matchups, I have moved along to accumulating deals on regularly-priced items. Click here to access the link to our growing spreadsheet of deals - the first sheet is ad-related deals, and the second is regular-pricing deals. Of course, since Shopper's decided to do new parameters this time (up to $0.99 triple - rather than their usual rules of $0.00-$0.50 triple, $0.51-$1.00 double), I'm having to rethink triple deals and post them slowly. Please note that this is very much a process, and I'm going to try to verify the sources/expirations on these entries based on past matchups, but this will take time. This also means that past lists we've posted of freebies and cheapies (which were largely based on $1 coupons doubling) will change, too, with the new rules for this weekend.

Long story short: The second regular-pricing sheet of the Shopper's matchups spreadsheet is available, but in continuous edits. We can't make claims for their veracity at any given point as it is a living document (and expired/defunct deals may be deleted as they are discovered), but want you to know that they are being developed and posted, so that you can take advantage of what is there and plan your trips.

We're also going to try to attribute matchups to specific readers who submitted them in the past - but if we missed you, please let us know! We'll be sure to post your name by your deal. :o)
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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog for the first time.

Oscar Mayer Deli Creations are $2.50 each and you can print a .75 cents off coupon from Smart Source to get one pkg. for .25 cents.

I can't wait to hit the store tomorrow and see what I come up with.

Tatiana said...

I was disappointed to see this week that shippers no longer double $1 coupons. There were many new $1 coupons available over past few days and I am sure many readers including myself were looking forward to using them. I wrote to Shoppers corporate to express my disappointment. If other readers feel the same way then perhaps we all should complain and then corporate will reconsider removing $1 from doubling participation next time around.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Tatiana - they did the "up to $0.99 triple" in January, and I despaired for my $1 coupons, but they went back to $1 doubling the next three months (Feb./Mar./April), so I wouldn't get too depressed until we see what this summer holds. I think they just change the pattern to keep us on our toes and to generate buzz/additional reasons to visit.