Thursday, May 21, 2009

$/$$ Shopper's Food Warehouse Coupons in the Washington Post

Gina alerted us to the presence of $/$$ coupons for Shopper's Food Warehouse in today's Washington Post. Values are:


Basically, a 20% discount is what we're talking about here - before your manufacturer coupons, if you're using any. If you make a $150 purchase, you can use all three coupons and save $30.

Remember that Harris Teeter officially - (and some Safeways and Giants, depending on the manager/policy) - accepts competitors' $/$$ coupons, so if you have some rockin' deals elsewhere, don't be afraid to ask in advance if you can use the Shopper's coupons!
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UnfinishedMom said...

The same coupons appeared in the Carroll County Times yesterday and today (Friday - C2) and in the Baltimore Sun today (pg - News 11) today. I'm not sure about the Baltimore Sun yesterday.