Friday, February 19, 2010

Report from the Field: Gorton's Deal at Giant This Week!

Ooooweeeee it's a good time to buy yourself some frozen seafood at Giant! The Gorton's Deal going on this week is as follows:

Gorton's Seafood, HALF PRICE
Deal: Buy $10 worth of Gorton's items in one transaction and $4 will be instantly deducted from your order. Limit 1 offer per transaction.
Grilled Shrimp item, $0.50/1, 01/03
Grilled item, $0.50/1, 01/03
$1/any 2, or $0.40/1, 01/24

I did two rounds of the Gorton's deal this morning since I had a few of the $0.40/1 01/24 SS coupon - and while harvesting from the freezer I overheard two employees talking about how the Gorton's was sure to be raided this week. If you can make it to your Giant today, I recommend doing so, because this deal is HOT!

I should note that the checkout automatically credited me my $4 in one transaction, and strangely didn't for the other. You can learn from my experience: check your receipt carefully before you leave the store to make sure that you get your $4 instant deduction.

The three main Gorton's items I focused on:

Two-fillet boxes (pollock or other white fish): $1.84 (retail $3.69)
Two-fillet salmon: $2.19 (retail $4.39)
14 oz. bags of popcorn shrimp: $2.99 (retail $5.99)

There are a lot of ways that these can be combined for a $10 total.

Here are just a couple of ideas:

$ 2.19 salmon
$ 2.19 salmon
$ 2.19 salmon
$ 1.84 other
$ 2.19 salmon
$ 2.99 popcorn shrimp
$ 1.84 other
$ 2.99 popcorn shrimp
$ 1.84 other

$ 10.25 subtotal
$ 10.01 subtotal
$ (4.00) instant deduction
$ (4.00) instant deduction
$ (4.00) coupons
$ (3.20) coupons
$ 2.25 total
$ 2.81 total
$ 0.45 each
$ 0.56 each

In the first scenario above, you're paying just $2.25 for $20.55 retail-valued seafood! That's an 89% Savings. ;-D

Are you working the Gorton's deal this week? What scenarios did you do? Share the details! :-D
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Anonymous said...

Great find RU Ladies!
I posted about your great find on my blog here.

LisaBulloss said...

Thanks for all the work you do! It looks like at my store the register requires a $10 Gortons total after coupons. But no worries. Customer Service asked me to pay, get the $4 deducted, and then come to Customer Service to redeem my coupons.

I did the deal four times, and posted here