Monday, February 8, 2010

Creativity in 2010: a new sewing machine!

I(Mel) am out of town visiting my parents in PA right now, and I was thrilled to receive their early birthday present yesterday... my very own Singer Simple sewing machine!

By way of personal history, I should share that I grew up on a dairy farm and consider my parents the two most capable people I know. My dad can make or fix pretty much anything, and my mom can cook or sew pretty much anything. She is so skilled with handicrafts! I have always admired that about her, but when I left home at 18 to go far away to college I took with me intermediate cooking skills but rudimentary sewing skills.

I've taught myself a lot along the way, but something about sewing has intimidated me for years. Perhaps it's a fear of failure or a lack of skills with a machine. Maybe it's the disbelief that I could ever even remotely compare to my mom's amazing creations. I have had my mom's old sewing machine in my home for a few years, but it's complicated to thread. So as you can guess, I was thrilled with the total surprise new machine this year!

Here's what I like about this particular machine:

  • It's small and will be easy to store or set up on any table anywhere in my home.
  • It's easy to use - there are arrows on the outside of the machine in case I forget how to thread it!
  • It has a dust cover and great storage compartment built in.
  • I'm not intimidated by it!
Stay tuned for my 2010 sewing adventures! I'll start small with pot holders and aprons, I think.
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Casa Cannon said...

wooohooo!! this is exciting! now we have to get together and sew! when is your birthday??

Holly said...

That is great! I love to sew! If you ever need tips, books, thread, or fabric feel free to ask.

Ok, I love sewing machines too. I have 8 sewing machines - all ages some from the 1900s and some more recent. I have 1 serger and 1 embroidery machine. Of course with a toddler running around and working full time sewing has been put on the back burner.

One of my goals and maybe this could be a monthly post is to talk about UFOs! Un-Finished ObjectS!