Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Savings Saturday: Triple Coupons at Harris Teeter!

Both A. and I have been in survival mode this week with husbands out of town. It was my second back-to-back week of my husband being out of town, and boy are we glad to have him home!

I also got to experience my quarterly migraine, and I don't remember much about Wednesday because of it! I've been thanking God for produce in the fridge and easy-to-prepare options in the freezer this week because cooking just wasn't happening between lack of sleep and migraine world. If you've ever had one, you'll understand what I'm sayin' when I say that I go to a different place when I have one! I'll call it Migraine World.

I did have some time Thursday morning to scout out the triple coupon deals at Harris Teeter. A new one opened up in Fairfax (Pender Village), so I've decided to try to familiarize myself with the store. The mid-morning customer service was fantastic since I needed to sign up for a VIC card and ask a couple of other questions.

Thanks to Moneywise Moms, I went with a few additional printed coupons in hand, only to find that my HT location doesn't sell Ronzoni pasta. Alas! I spent $2.53 for over $18 worth of groceries. The cashier said "Wow!" after scanning all my coupons. Can't beat that!

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Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip at Harris Teeter RU Ladies! I still haven't made a trip out there... hopefully on Sun. when they tend to restock my store :-)

Holly said...

Great trip! yeah I was dispointed about the pasta mine didn't have either pasta.