Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DIY: Custom Burp Cloths!

Last week I posted about my first sewing project. As my toddler would say, "I did it all by myself!"

This week I decided to tackle something simpler. I received 2 invitations to baby showers, and since I hadn't planned gifts for those into our monthly budget, I had to come up with something less expensive and more creative.

What did I do, you ask? I prettied up some burp cloths!

This was a much easier project for a beginner seamstress like me. I had seen customized burp cloths before, and I received a few when I had my baby. But I don't have a fancy embroidery machine to sew initials or characters, so I made do.

Check out the photos. I'm also posting instructions if you'd like to make your own.

Custom Burp Cloths
Step 1. Purchase cotton cloth diapers. Mine were a 12-pack by Gerber purchased at Walmart.
Step 2. Purchase fabric, ribbon or other embellishments. I used one new fabric purchased at Walmart, 1.5" Offray ribbon purchased at Walmart, and one fabric that I had in my scrap box. I decided to use iron-on fusible interfacing in an effort to make the fabric embellishments hold up better.
Step 3. Wash, dry and iron cloth diapers and fabric(s).
Step 4. Iron ribbon and fabric(s).
Step 5. Cut fusible interfacing to size (didn't measure, just held it up to the diaper).
Step 6. Cut fabric to size, planning for a 1/2 margin around interfacing.
Step 7. Pin interfacing to back side of embellishing fabric, leaving a 1" margin at the edges.
Step 8. Fuse interfacing to back side of fabric using a steam iron, following directions found on interfacing.
Step 9. Turn fabric over to front side and fold edges under. Iron edges to make them look clean when sewn.
Step 10. Pin fabric with fused interfacing to front side of cloth diaper.
Step 11. Sew ribbon with straight stitch. Sew fabric with zig-zag stitch to diaper.
Step 12. Trim loose threads. Fold and wrap for a friend!

This post was inspired by the DIY blog carnival at A Soft Place to Land.
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Anonymous said...

Cute project! I've done a similar burp cloth sewing project before, with a coordinating nursing cover (ie. "Hooter Hider" or "Bebe Au lait" knock-off). There are some cute designer fabrics, and sometimes you can just buy the remnants (for the burp cloths) at 50% off or more, by looking through the remnant section at your local fabric store. I like G-Street and Jo-Ann. Let me know if there are others you like in the area!