Friday, March 5, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Chai concentrate recipe

I recently stumbled across a new chai concentrate recipe. A. posted her version here, but I never happen to have cardamom pods lying around. A., however, seems to! I was glad to see a recipe that included ingredients in my pantry.

I only have regular Tetley tea in the house. Though I didn't try the chai with black tea, I still liked it, especially with one of my delicious birthday cupcakes that just happened to be chai flavored!

The downside of this recipe is that it makes a huge amount of chai concentrate. Since I only drink it about once a week, I'm looking for a creative way to use up the rest. Does anyone have a recipe for muffins or cake that uses chai concentrate? If so, do tell!
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1 comment:

Abby Mazanec said...

Mmm yum! Can you share the recipe? Or am I missing it somewhere... I loved that A posted hers awhile back but I too do not have cardamom seeds lying around. :)