Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reader Emails - Stealth Coupons for Giant!

Fellow blogger (and Giant shopper!) Holly of RedBerryDeals emailed us a great scoop (bolding ours):

"I wanted to mention that I got several copies of the SmallVictories magazine at my Giant in Lorton, VA a week or so ago. I believe at customer service they still have some. They have about $16 worth of coupons.

Plus, to make it a better deal you mentioned the Nature Promise products are buy $15 get $3 back in a Catalina deal, and there is a FREE coupon for any Natures Promise canned beans. That will make the deal even sweeter. The canned beans are $1.

I know you have mentioned this book in a past post but thought with this week's deals this might be an even better deal! Since, Giant allows you to stack coupons too.

All expire 3/18/10 All of these can be stacked! I was able to do this at the self-check out yesterday.
$1.50 off General Mills Chex Cereal All Varieties 12 oz - 14 oz pkg (I used it with the $.75 Chex coupon that doubled to $1.50)
$1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers All Flavors 6.6 oz Pkg (Regular price at my store is $2.19) This week 33% off regular retail.
$1.00 off 2 New Lunchables Lunch Combinations Subs Assorted Varieties 3.3 oz - 3.9 oz pkg
$1.00 off Hormel Pepperoni Snack Packs All Varieties & sizes (Regular price at my store $3.59)
$4 off Caribou Coffee All Flavors 12 oz Bag (Regular price at my store $8.99)
$1.50 off Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows 26 oz canister
$1 off 2 Kraft Cheese Singles or Natural Shredded Cheeses All Varieties & Sizes
FREE Nature's Promise Canned Beans All Varieties 15.5 oz Can
FREE Giant Frozen Vegetables All Varieties 16 oz bag
$1 off Ground Beef All Varieties 1 lb or more
$1 off Tropicana Orange Juice All Varieties 64 oz carton
$1.50 off Perdue Short Cuts Chicken Carved Breast Strips All Varities 9 oz package"

Wow, Holly! Thanks for the email. This could be very interesting; I had a trip to Giant planned today anyway. :) Wonder if I can find that booklet...

Reader Amy posted a comment that Giant shoppers may also find useful:

"I just checked my mail today and found coupons from Giant. There is a RedPlum flier with a Pizza Boli's ad on the front. One of the fliers inside is a 2 page spread of coupons for frozen items from Giant totaling $19. Some of these aren't great (must buy 2 or more to use them) but they are all $1 or more coupons, which is great for anyone who hasn't used their coupon doublers this week. Some of the brands included: Birdseye, Bryers, Bertolli, Healthy Choice, Edy's and several more. I thought I'd let you know because this is the kind of mail that often gets tossed in our house. "

Amy, this RedPlum flier usually gets tossed at our house, too, because it usually doesn't have these types of coupons. THANKS so much for passing along your tip!

I love it when readers and fellow bloggers send us intel from the field! :-D Thank you, ladies!
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Jen Clark said...

At the Saratoga Giant they leave those booklets at the bagging area of the checkout lines and sometimes by the ads as you walk in. I always grab a bunch when I see them. They're not always the best coupons, but the freebies are nice!