Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

After a birthday party this past Sunday, today's main offerings were leftovers in the realm of crudites, cubed fruit, cupcakes, croissants, and other refined carbs. (Side note: If you put a couple of drops of water on a napkin or paper towel and microwave a croissant for 10-15 seconds with the papertowel lightly covering it, you will end up with a like-fresh croissant!)

I'd like to say that I fixed us all something else in the course of the day today, but these things are all pretty much what my husband took to work for lunch, as well! So Tuesday starts the "responsible adults" looking menu for the week:

Breakfast: Leftover croissants, coffee (oui oui!)
Lunch: Miso soup (I just learned how to make it from scratch and it's surprisingly simple) with tofu, brown rice, and spring onions (I also regrow my onions by setting the roots and last 1/2 inch of the onion in water in a glass - grows about an inch after several days)
Dinner: Baked chicken, baked sweet potatoes, spinach salad

Breakfast: Omelette with onions and banana peppers (leftover from party crudites)
Lunch: Mac'n'cheese, apple slices
Dinner: Frozen pizza

Breakfast: Cereal, banana, milk
Lunch: Vegetable soup, toasted bread
Dinner: Salmon with spinach salad, roasted potatoes and cherry tomatoes

Breakfast: Instant oatmeal, milk, banana
Lunch: Chicken nuggets (frozen), spinach salad, grapefruit (couponed Fruit Naturals)
Dinner: Fruit smoothies, quesedillas
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