Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Backward Edition - What Works for Your Morning Routines?

This week, We are THAT Family is hosting a "Backwards Edition" of its weekly carnival, Works for Me Wednesday.

So it's our turn to ask what works for you! For today's topic, we're interested in what works for your morning routines.

What streamlines your morning? What tiny pleasures or splurges make it worthwhile? How do you help to get everybody out the door on time? Do you have any shortcuts to share? Do tell!
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Kaye said...

Clothes are picked out the night before (including infant). Infant sleeps in socks she will wear next day (she fights when I put them on her, so this actually saves time in the morning). Lunches are fixed the night before. Checks and mail needed for following day are written the day before. I know what I'm wearing the night before.

Those are common, but they all save me time. Good luck!

Stefany said...

With 5 kids, my time in the mornings is limited so I plan out the day ahead of time.

We check the weather and the kids outfits are set out the night before. For my school-going kids, we have their backpacks ready and lunches packed the night before. Breakfast is out in the morning before they get up... whether it be something they can do or cereal that needs milk, we have it all ready the night before. Oh, and all the kids shower at night before going to bed.

The kids used to have a sweater organizer in their closets that they put their outfits for a week in them. They used to take so much time picking out clothes so this helped a ton.

For myself, I often put my clothes out the night before as well. It saves me time in the morning.

Carli@Fearfully&WonderfullyMade said...

I'm not great at this, but what I do is have my two children "race" each other. See who can get out of bed first, in the shower, get dressed faster, etc . . . kids love to compete with their siblings. Also a morning "to-do" check list/chart helps as well.

Sarah said...

Our morning routine isn't as streamlined as I would like it to be, but just today I figured out realized something. We use a chart for bedtime that lists all the steps in order next to pictures (for small kids). This kind of chart will definitely work for mornings as well. I posted about it on my blog.
The key for us is to stay focused on what needs to be done, step by step.

Tracey said...

I'm just reiterating what other commenters have said - do as much as possible the night before! When I fail to plan ahead, I end up rushing around, hurrying the kids and getting everyone's morning off to a grumpy start!

wholesomewomanhood said...

One thing that I've found is important to make time for is breakfast. It seems so obvious, but it's so easy to just keep putting off because there is so much else to do in the mornings. But breakfast is definitely worth it! :-)