Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saving at The Children's Place During Monster Sale - In Person and Online!

The Monster Sale is now going on at the Children's Place. If there's a child (or a few) in your life who needs wardrobing, you can score some really good deals, often getting separates (shirts, skirts, and pants) at under $5 each, and dresses, jackets, etc. in the neighborhood of $10 or less. Girls' tights can be bought for two and a half bucks per pair or less. If you're feeling especially bold, you can buy up a size or two in anticipation of winter 2010/2011. Besides that point, we (argh) have a couple of months at least of colder weather to go, so the clearanced long sleeve shirts and corduroy pants can still get almost a full season of wear right now - and jeans and light jackets (and other layering pieces) will take you all the way through spring.

Incidentally, now that I'm home with an infant and my almost-three-year-old, I'm starting to weigh the pros and cons of online Children's Place shopping against visiting the CP outlet at Potomac Mills. I've never shopped CP online before, mainly because with a growing child it was a lot easier to visit the outlet in person - and I also like to see the sizes and quality for myself before buying when possible. But now that I've shopped at Children's Place outlet for a couple of years, I'm more familiar with what CP makes to last (jeans and belts, for example), and what usually falls apart after a season (shoes, at least in my experience). This especially useful now that I have two girls, because I know what's worth the investment given that items could possibly last through a second wearing by my younger daughter.

Since I now know generally what I'm in for quality-wise, I'm considering visiting CP online to shop for denim and other staples for my girls. Yes, I'd probably pay $5 to ship the whole thing, but to save the gas money to Woodbridge (Potomac Mills) and the hassle of wrangling an active toddler and a nursing infant might make paying that shipping fee worthwhile for once! Also, code C99AA will get me a 15% discount (thanks, Baby Cheapskate!), so that will take the edge off. Clicking through to the Children's Place site will also net me 3% cash back. There is a brand new free shipping code that was just posted to, so I may check that out as well.

BUT, if I decide to (deep, cleansing breaths) ultimately make the trek with the two girls to the CP outlet, I will definitely be bringing this 15% off January 2010 coupon with me (with thanks to the Coupon Divas!).

Are you shopping Children's Place right now? Are you going in person or online? If you've been to a bricks-and-mortar Children's Place location recently, how are its Monster Sale prices/selection comparing with the online prices and selection?
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Amy Rainey said...

I have been a CP shopper for about 10 years. I have found that their clothes last very well. I agree about the shoes, I have never purchased them. But, they have alway felt cheap to me. I have never shopped the Monster Sale at one of their outlets, too far away to warrant the trip. But, I can say that I have shopped the same sale online and in-store (mall) before and the store always has a better selection, hands-down. Once an item gets down to $4.99 online, there tends to be only one or two sizes left in it. That's just my personal experience. But, if you can find what you need....$5shipping is worth the saved gas and nerves :) Thanks for the post!

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Oooooo this is good info. Thanks so much for sharing! I may muster the nerve to go to the store in person based on your advice. I just need to shop like a ninja and get out of there fast. :)