Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trip to Target a.k.a. "Tarzhay"

Oooooweee, it was a good trip to Target this morning. I was doing a "no coupon" trip - not really planned as "no coupon"; I just happen to be a bit behind on tracking the Target deals on the blogosphere and am not back on my A-game since our baby was born. But - you can still scoop some great clearance items out there! I got some wardrobe refresher pants for my daughter now that her current ones are turning into highwater pants. As cheap or cheaper than second-hand!

Examples of what I scooped up today:

Girls' turtlenecks - marked down to $0.94!
(available in baby through 5T, white, black, navy, with ruched detail at collar)

Girls' brown Cherokee chinos - marked down from $7 to $1.75!
(available in baby through 5T)

Girls' bright chino pants (red, pink, etc.), marked down to $4.99
(available in baby through 5T)

Girls' boot-cut Hanes sweatpants, $0.98
(available in baby through 5T - Note: Just got a Target coupon booklet in the mail this afternoon with a $1 Hanes coupon...= free pants?)

Almay Eyeshadow, around $7 or $8, clearance-marked to $1.92
(There were tons of these, all in a very neutral beige-ish ivory shade great for highlighting the browbone and inner corner of your eyes, in a cute little magnetically-sealing case. Wish that I had an Almay coupon for these! AFullCup's database says there are none out there, but prove me wrong, folks! I'd love to return and get this eyeshadow even more cheaply!) Thanks to a comment from Laura of Frugal Friends (muchas gracias!), I now know about a printable $1 Almay Target coupon. Make that eyeshadow $0.92!!! :) Waaaahooo!

Target brand invisible tape, $1.70-something, down to $0.24 (!)
(The cashier admitted that this came from a case that they had lost in their back room, guessing during the holidays...it took all my willpower not to buy ALL of the tape there, which was about 25 or so rolls.)

I also saw:

Girls' fleece pants, $7 marked down to $3.50 (baby through 5T)

Boys' fully-coordinated Christmas outfits (baby through 5T), including pants, layered-look vest and bow tie with collared dress shirt, priced to clear

Next time you're in Target, hit up the clearance sections to see what you can score for pennies on the dollar - even without coupons! :)

Have you scooped up a deal at Target in the last week or two? What did you find?
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frugalfriends said...

Hi RU ladies!
In regards the search for an Almay coupon...
On Target's website under the coupon section, and the category "beauty" there are some printable Almay coupons for:
$1 off Almay Intense i-Color or Any Almay Color Cosmetic (eyeshadow is pictured).
Check it out here.
Since this is a store coupon, it could be stacked with a manufacturer coupon as well (if there are any currently available; I can't seem to find any).
Wow, only $0.92 for Almay eyeshadow clearanced and matched with coupon; that's a good deal!

Jen Clark said...

I was also there last night and found some good deals...a 3 piece Carter's baby outfit for $2.50, a Christmas book for 25 cents, and some Elmo books and socks for my daughter - not exactly on clearance, but they were in the $1 section so they'll make a cute Valentine's Day Gift!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is also doing a major clearance event and has stuff on sale all throughout the store.